Things To Do Before I Go, Part 2

It’s Filching Friday again! And here is Part 2 of my filch from Mighty Girl’s series. This is freaking hard!

26. Take a cruise to Alaska.
27. Skydive indoors. Because I will NOT do it outdoors. And Bryan is not allowed to either.
28. Be recognized in the Communications Arts “Best of Design” Annual.
29. Windsurf again and do it right instead of landing on my face every 5 seconds.
30. Organize a competitive turtle race.
31. Go crabbing on the river back in Maryland.
32. Throw out the first pitch for the Rockies.
33. Grow long fingernails that last for at least a week. Which means I won’t be able to type, wash dishes or do ANYTHING for a week. Woot!
34. Participate in a pie eating contest.
35. Live in a treehouse.
36. Jump onto a Velcro wall.
37. Watch Declan drive off for his first date.
38. Celebrate our 50th anniversary. 2046.
39. Write a check for a reasonable amount for health care every month.
40. Illustrate a children’s book.
41. Ride a unicycle.
42. Watch a total solar eclipse.
43. Write an article for a travel magazine and shoot the accompanying photographs.
44. Eliminate poverty for one family.
45. Smooch with Bryan at the top of the Eiffel Tower at night.
46. Train a dog to roll over.
47. Make a stained glass piece for our very plain back door. Which would require stained glass classes.
48. Stand on Bourbon Street while double-fisting frozen Hurricanes during Mardis Gras.
49. Read The Lord of The Rings trilogy. Happy, Erin?
50. Visit my father’s grave. And read him the letter I have been composing in my head for 20 years.

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  1. Sizzle

    Pie eating contest!

    (I automatically think of Stand By Me.)


  2. zenrain

    I can’t believe i didn’t smooch with jim at the top of the eiffel tower even during the day!!!

  3. Anonymous

    That’s an awesome list. I would consider myself lucky to only do half the things you have listed!

  4. zipper

    also cool.

  5. Megan


  6. bodean

    I’ve ridden a unicycle!

  7. Alpha DogMa

    I like that #34 is participate in a pie eating contest. Not win. Just show and up and give it a go.

    And I am so glad to know that I’m not the only person who hasn’t read Lord of the Rings.

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