Two Dads

Tonight we are going out with friends, two friends who happen to be two daddys. To spell it out and be perfectly clear, they are GAY. Which is NOT a dirty word in our house, and in fact, we are pretty sure Declan at least has some gay genes in there somewhere based on the way he dances. And he has plenty of gay people in his life, we have never made an issue of it either way, because we feel that’s how it should be for everyone – like no big whoop.

But Declan is also at a place where he is asking a billion trillion questions about every damn thing [see the God post] so I offhandedly, specifically mentioned our dinner date this morning to get any questions out of the way before dinner, rather than in middle of.

Aimee: Declan, we’re going out to dinner tonight.

Declan: Where? With who? [Yeah. See what I mean?]

Aimee: With Christian and Nathan and their family. I don’t think you have ever met them in person before. Their family has two daddys in it.

Declan: Why?

Aimee: Because some families have two daddys and two mommys. Every family is different.

Declan: [Staring at me intently and confused] I *really* don’t see how four people could love each other like that.

Aimee: [Smothering laughter] Well, no, it’s not four people loving each other [unless you live in cough, cough, Utah] – I meant one family might have two daddys, or one family might have two mommys, or another family might have a mommy and a daddy. Whatever works for them.

Declan: Oh. Cool.

And therein concludes the gay talk for a while.

What “big thing” should I bring up next???

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  1. Ms. Maxwell

    Hey, now. We *big love* our polygamists here in Utah…

  2. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    ha ha!!! Lovely people with lovely BIG families!

  3. zipper

    you go girl!

  4. Meghann

    Have you had the “where babies come from” talk yet? Maybe you should tackle it now. Lol!

    Although I will admit, I totally copped out when my kids asked where babies come from. I answered “God makes them.” I know I’ll have to tackle the real answer soon, but I just wasn’t ready.

  5. Nadine

    Hopped over here from your tweet. AWESOME post. I really like reading people being open minded about this subject. In my country gay marriage is like normal, (polygamists NOT though 🙂 so it always kind of upsets me when I read there is so much hatred and misunderstanding towards gays and gay marriage.

    Go you!

  6. Anonymous

    love this! – m

  7. Sue at nobaddays

    Nicely done, Aimee! Happy Valentines to you, B, Dex and Poe …

  8. Anonymous

    hey, how ’bout explaining how two of either could never “pass the gene” along for it to be a genetic kind of thing. duh!

  9. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Anonymous, maybe Bryan and I are both gay which makes Declan like SUPER gay!

  10. joansy

    Our 6 year old twins overheard my husband and I discussing the fact that an 17-year old gay friend of my niece would be spending Christmas dinner with us because his own family refused to celebrate the holiday with him — their logic was that it was a celebration of Christ’s birthday, their son was going to hell because he’s gay and he was therefore not welcome. Explaining sexuality, gay marriage, birds and bees, and differences in religious and non-religious beliefs have all been easy in comparison to our discussion of the fact that some people hate and discriminate and some parents, I hope very few, reject their own children.

    My kids, to their beautiful credit, insisted that we stop at a store on the way to my sister’s house and that we purchase a few gifts for him so that he could have a nice holiday. And now, almost two months later, they made him valentine’s cards because they didn’t want him to feel left out for this holiday.

  11. Laurie

    Super gay. Totally. Mega. Duh.

  12. Megan

    love this! Declan is on a roll lately!!!

  13. mothergoosemouse

    We’ve talked about gay marriage, racism, and atheism. All of which were tons easier than I foresee the birds-n-bees talk to be.

  14. Anonymous

    how about euthanasia?

  15. meg manion silliker

    the beauty of this is that our kids will grow up not looking down on gays and lesbians. isn’t that refreshing!

  16. BaltimoreGal

    Beautifully handled! It’s just that simple, isn’t it?

  17. Heather

    great post, great kid! I have such hope that the things we have to explain to our kids will one day not need explanation, yk?

  18. Nat

    I love your kid!
    Funny how kids just accept stuff like that. My sister is a Lesbian and she has two kids (with her partner.) I think the line they used with The Boy was something like “It takes two parents, it doesn’t matter who they are.”

    Next? Drugs and alcohol abuse? “This is your brain on drugs.”

  19. the mama bird diaries

    He does ask a lot of questions.

    Well handled by you.

  20. Rachael

    That is so awesome, I love that kids now don’t even think about that stuff at all.

  21. Sandy

    great post. good to explain but still be non chalant.

  22. Jems

    You know, I’ve found that the more basic and open you are with kids and matter of fact, the quicker they accept it the way it is and move on. Limit the knowledge to their level of understanding and all is good. I love Declan’s perception of the world – he’s going to grow into a very balanced fun and caring young man, well he is already, but he’s just a little man at the moment! lol

  23. motherbumper

    I would love to hear his views on global warming and what we should do about it. If anyone has the right advice, it’s going to be Declan.

  24. chloebear

    Wow, I love the way you handled that one! and I’m very glad he didn’t ask me any hard questions the other night!

  25. EatPlayLove

    I feel so lucky our children have such open minds (and parents!). Well done mom.

  26. Becky

    My son and I have gay friends and I think it’s great that he has been exposed to that so early in life. They are just Uncle Joe and Uncle Jason and they sleep in the same bed. And that’s it.
    Now, what’s for dinner?

  27. J at

    I think you should try talking about politics and the lying politicians and how they break your heart…wait, he’s far too young. Try quantum physics and STDs.

  28. nutmeg

    Duh! Strap-ons, of course!

  29. emma

    Masterfully handled!

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