Unearthing My Caramel Qualities

So, I was watching What Not To Wear a while back, and a girl with the same coloring as me and green eyes was in Carmindy’s chair. The girl always wore blue or green makeup (think smoky, not 70’s glitter)… and Carmindy told her that many people with green eyes made that mistake, thinking the blue or green would emphasize the green color… but it actually washes it them out. She put browns and coppers on the girl and the difference was amazing. Ding ding ding! I have green eyes! I wear smoky blue eyeliner all the freakin’ time! Hmmmm.

Around the same time, my hairstylist changed the colors she was putting in my hair, which made it more caramelly and I also got new glasses with lighter-colored tortoise shell frames. All coming together with my new make-up scheme to make me look like a big yummy, not to mention, gooey, Caramello bar.

OK, in all seriousness – how did I not know I should be wearing browns all over the place? It seriously looks so much better. Makes you want to require every middle-school-aged girl have their “colors” done.

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