Vacation Guest Poster: Giyen

Note from Aimee: By now I am in Ireland. Land of Lucky Charms and U2. When I get back, I promise I will do Greeblemix on top of Greeblepix, but until then, I have asked some friends to guest post while I am away (and I promise some Ireland stuff will show up here and there too).

First up is Giyen. Who is awesome. So awesome I stalked her into guest posting for me. Stalking is AWESOME!


The Guest Post
by Bacon Is My Enemy

This is my first ever guest post. I am only doing this because I like to shamelessly plug my blog everywhere I possibly can. While I am at it, you should immediately stop reading this post and read this instead.

Not going to go?


Oh you loyal Greeblemonkey readers! On with the guest post then!

Just so you know, my decision to guest post has nothing to do with how close Aimee and I are. In fact, we have never met in person. IN FACT, I am not sure if Aimee is a real person at all. And honestly, I don’t think that Bryan exists either. I don’t know any guy who would climb down a freeway embankment just to see their wife. And puhleez, Declan and Poe? I swear to God I saw the two of them as a stock photo in a picture frame on sale at Macy’s. Too adorable to be real. Just sayin.

Regardless if they are “real” or not, I already told Aimee (if that’s your real name!) I would do this and I am going to follow through so she can take her trip to the United Kingdom without worrying about downgrading her blog popularity. On second thought, maybe I am not the right person for this at all … please don’t blame Aimee for the shoddy blog post. She will be back in two weeks or so, I promise. I am only here for a day.

ANYWAY. Surely you must be curious how Aimee and I “know” each other. Well let me tell you. I started reading Greeblemonkey because thought it was a blog about Chupacabras. Aren’t Greeblemonkeys and Chupacabres the same thing? Apparently not. I kept waiting and waiting, but it was all Poe this. Poe pooped. Poe is almost as cute as Declan. Look at Poe grow! Where are the bloodsucking mythical creatures? You can imagine my dismay when a couple of months into her blog I suddenly realized that she was never gonna write anything about Chupacabres. Ever! By that time it was too late. I was already invested so I kept reading. It’s kind of like that time I got addicted to Laguna Beach …

Since that mixup, we’ve gotten to know each other and our online relationship has blossomed. Though Aimee and I have not met in real life, we are blog friends. And we are Facebook buddies. And Twitter followers. And Flickr cohorts. We also did Brightkite together (which by the way is NOT a hallucinogenic drug). For all intents and purposes, I communicate with her in more ways than my own family. In fact, we can have a whole conversation throughout the day and never use the same mode of communication. She comments on my blog, I tweet her, she Facebooks me back, I send her an email and she text messages me later. Conversations between my family and I are more like – you pissed me off, let’s not talk for 2 years.

In many respects, I think of Aimee as part of my extended family. The lack of real life interaction doesn’t keep me from looking up to her or considering her a friend or someone that I can count on. When I started blogging in October of 2008, Aimee was among the first to comment on my blog. This is back when I was a piece of dust in the Internets (I am now a grain of sand). Honestly, this entitles her to extra special cyberstalking. I read her blog, look at her photos, watch her videos. I am a fan.

Now that I am thinking about it, guest posting is like the “coup de grace” of cyberstalking. I get to pretend that I am Aimee for a day. I consider this as the equivalent to going through her underwear drawer, diary and medicine cabinet in real life (minus getting to rifle through all that fancy camera equipment). I suddenly feel so powerful (and nosy).

Hmmm …. W.W.A.S.?

I know. Let’s do a giveaway! Yay!

As Greeblemonkey for the day, I want everyone to look under your seat. You’ll find keys to a new Pontiac under there! YOU GET A CAR! AND YOU GET A CAR!

Wow, that felt awesome!

By now you must realize that I am completely freakish and nutso. And in response I say, “Birds of a feather …”

P.S. Until Aimee and I meet, I thought I would put together a picture of how I think we would be when we finally do get to hang out:

I am Louise because I’ve am constantly talking about wanting a perm. And because I am the one most likely to shoot someone.

PPS. If you have questions about your car, please contact Aimee when she gets back.

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  1. The Bug

    Well that was fun – thanks for the guest post! And, yes, I will check out your blog when I get home (can’t see the pictures on your site at work – stupid web washer)…

  2. MPPs Mom

    Love the Thelma and Louise preview….Thanks for posting for Aimee. This will be fun to see some new faces and learn about some new places to read!

  3. zipper

    That photo rocks.

  4. Tree

    FREAKING hilarious!!!

    MOM jeans were rad back then, huh? bwahahaha Seriously, when did they become “mom” jeans?

    Thank you for brightening my day.

  5. The Casual Perfectionist

    I am SO late to the comment party…sorry ’bout that! Giyen, you are one of my favorite bloggers! I love the photo of you two! 🙂 Hysterical.

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