Wanna guess what Declan was for Halloween?

Cause nobody else could figure it out either.

But the good news is, we spent a fortune on the supplies and it fell apart within 15 minutes during trick or treating.

At least he had a blast.







P.S. Today starts National Blog Posting Month (otherwise known as the unpronounceable NaBloPoMo), where you post every day during the month of November. I met tons of great people last time, so of course I jumped right back on that bandwagon this year. Wanna join too?

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  1. tiddleywink

    Small Hadron Collider? The illegitimate love child of Tron and Holly Hobbie? Whatever it is, that grin goes from ear to ear. Clearly, it’s a good job!

  2. NICU101

    A lamp?

    He looks very happy!

  3. Erin

    I have no idea, but I’m completely in awe of the awesome time he’s having. He’s clearly really pleased with himself.

    I guess “light bulb”. I dressed as a ceiling fan one year, and a bunch of grapes another year. Whatever D is, it’s WAY cooler than that.

  4. daysgoby

    A megaphone?

    He’s getting so tall!

  5. SeattleOtaku

    Luxo (or Luxo Jr), the Pixar CGI lamp? ^_^

  6. Erin

    Oh, he’s got to be the Pixar lamp!

    You guys are good.

  7. Madame Meow

    Too adorable, whatever he was. Hey, I’m doing NaBlo too… AND NaNoWriMo, though I don’t expect to finish.

  8. daysgoby

    Yeah, he’s GOT to be the Pixar lamp – and how sweet! And gosh, you guys are clever…

  9. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    You guys are so right on, YES!!!! He is Luxo the Pixar Lamp!!!

    But, but the end of trick or treating, he was telling people he was “a broken lamp.” :)))

  10. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Alejna, absolutely! Pure genius! My hubby does 3D animation a bit in his job and tons in his hobbies, so we are fully informed. 😉

  11. Anonymous

    you guys are serious nuts.

  12. mothergoosemouse

    I let Kyle guess. First guess – one of those cones that a dog wears on its head. Second guess – a badminton birdie.

    Forget us. You’ve got one adorable little guy there.

  13. San

    He looks like one of those little desk lamps 😉

    I joined NaBloPoMo as well.

  14. kristin

    he’s the cute little lamp on the pixar movies! yes????

  15. creative-type dad

    That’s awesome!
    Did he jump on a large “P” too…?

  16. Momma, The Casual Perfectionist

    Without looking at the other comments…

    He looks like a little white desk lamp…maybe the Pixar one?

  17. alejna

    I was going to say “Luxo,” too. That’s a very cool costume. Of course, I’m a big Pixar fan. You know the original short, right?

    I’m NaBloPoMoping, too, by the way.

  18. painted maypole

    satellite dish?

    ooh – i love the collider answer! 😉

    oh. pixar lamp. i get it. very good.

  19. monstergirlee

    I had no idea, and admire those who figured it out. Good job Dex!

    I’m NaBloPoMo’ing too.

  20. Jeanette

    Wow, I had NO idea until I read the comments! Very clever 🙂

  21. chloebear

    Wish I could have seen it in action! Good job!

  22. Rhiannon

    He is such a doll 🙂

  23. carrie

    Oh duh – I’m glad I read the comments because I’m so tired right now, I could not figure out what he was!! And now, it makes perfect sense.

    That is one clever costume lady!

  24. Fairy

    When I saw the title of the blog, and before seeing the pics, I thought I’d be seeing Declan with an Obama mask and suit! hehe

  25. Bunny

    The Pixar light?

    I’m starting Nablopomo too!

  26. patty

    Hey Aim,
    He looks like a light bulb!
    What ever it was … it sure was cute!

  27. nutmeg

    My friend Kristen is brilliant. My friend Declan is freaking adorable!

    I thought he was a miming fly.

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