Warning, TMI.

Boys (and those faint of heart) – be forewarned… I am going to bitch about my p-e-r-i-o-d.

My periods have always been terrible. In high school, I usually ended up staying home at least one day a month. In college, once when I was on the floor moaning in pain, the guys who lived downstairs mistook those sounds for someone doing the horizontal bop. Nope, it was just me… considering whether I should go to the emergency room or not.

I was on the pill for many, many years. I stopped for 2 reasons. First and foremost, Bryan got the ole snip snip 2 summers ago… so what’s the point, right? And second, I am off and on antibiotics for acne so often that it doubly did not make sense.

But I called my OBGYN today.

I am getting back on the fucking pill.

“She” came today with a vengeance.

I have barely been able to move for the last 3 hours.

How is it possible to bleed out your entire uterus in the time it takes to watch Ghandi?

I want her gone.

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