We’re Driving Bryan Totally Crazy

Totally absolutely bat-shit bonkers.

That would be Declan and myself doing the pushing. Straight over the edge.

Because we are too much alike. We’re stubborn and we like to be right.

[Seriously, what is so wrong with that???]

Except that Bryan is getting an ulcer the size of Texas.

Here is how things go lately:

Declan: “I would like to declare something that is somewhat true, but not entirely true, but I will say it in a snippy way that annoys my mother just enough to correct me!”

Aimee: “I cannot be the adult in this scenario and just let it lie, so I will jump in and correct my son, trying to be funny, but only really causing him to get his 6.5 year old dander up.”

Declan: “I can’t let me mother actually correct me! I am almost 7! That’s nearly a grown-up! So I will say something even more outrageous back just to annoy her more!”

Aimee: “Now my son is really driving me nuts with his erroneous facts and crappy attitude! I think I will bring us down into a spiral of bad attitude till we both are either in tears or yelling at each other!”

Bryan: [whimper].

Now my question to you is this.


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  1. zipper


  2. Meghann

    I suggest touring the Jameson distillery as well. Free whiskey at the end!

  3. g-man

    The answer is simple.

    Irish Whiskey.

    Kiss the stone, have fun, try not to kill anyone.

  4. zenrain

    I would be happy to go along as your mediator… 😉

  5. dawn

    he won’t have to….one of you will eventually kill the other thereby eliminating his ulcerative status. 🙂

    have fun in ireland you lucky beyotch!

  6. The Casual Perfectionist

    Oh no! I suffer from your condition as well, but so far, I’ve found something that works:

    Whenever my daughter says something purposely incorrect to irk me (she’s 3, but she’s skillful), I say, “Do you want to be wrong? Or, do you want to be right?”

    She’s actually started saying, “I want to be wrong for a little while…” and then will go into her charade.

    So far, hearing her say she wants to be wrong has been what my brain needs to just let it go.

    I can’t wait to see what she comes up with when she’s almost 7. 😉

    Good luck! (To ALL of you!!)

  7. HellTygr

    Get out of my house! Stop stalking the exact conversations had by *MY* 6.5 year old and myself?!?!

    I so look forward to her teen years. Not.

  8. Sizzle

    Oh dear. Poor Bryan. Maybe he can “run errands” a lot which is code for “hide out at the local pub”? 😉

  9. amy

    He won’t survive. Better take me instead!

  10. monstergirlee

    Well hopefully you’ll all be thrown for a loop being in a foreign country and forget to argue. Or Bryan will develop a habit of carrying around some lovely Irish Whiskey. That’ll help for sure.

  11. Ashleigh

    I think Zipper has the right attitude. lol.

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