WMS Westword Music Showcase Discount Code 2018

Westword Music Showcase (WMS) 2018 Discount Promo Code GREEBLE

It’s no secret that Westword Music Showcase is one of my favorite days of summer. I’m excited to work with them even more closely this year, and to kick it off – my promo code GREEBLE is available now for discount tickets!

2018 headliners include Galantis, Bonobo, The Front Bottoms, Joywave, Magic Giant, and Sunflower Bean. A ton of local bands will be added to the bill and you have a voice in that. Vote here for your faves. Since I lean toward rock and pop, I’ll give extra thumbs up to these acts: One Flew West, Wildermiss, CITRA, The Hollow, Izcalli, Slow Caves … as well as the lady in my featured photo above, Kayla Marque.

Joywave - WMS Westword Music Showcase


Speaking of locals, I’m going to highlight some of the Colorado bands who play WMS over the next few months. I love showing up early in the day and celebrating the awesome music scene we have here in Colorado. Then I will usually have dinner and dive in to the national acts who play into the night. Seeing as late June has some of the best weather Denver has to offer, it’s a perfect day for us.

Especially when my husband is in full dinosaur mode.

WMS Westword Music Showcase Discount Code 2018

FanPlan Mobile Schedule

Don’t ask me why Bugfrog likes to wear a tail at festivals, but it sure makes it easy to spot him. It will also make it easy for you to find him to show you how to use Fan Plan at WMS (schedule will be loaded as it’s released). FanPlan is our mobile schedule web site (not an app) that loads fast on any smartphone and makes it easy to share tweets about the events you attend. We created it after frustration trying to get a photo-laden app to load on an overloaded network at a festival. Trust me, when you just want to know who is playing next – Fan Plan is your BFF.

WMS Westword Music Showcase Discount Code 2018

Get Your WMS Discount Code Now!

Use promo code GREEBLE to get $10 off general admission and VIP tickets. Pricing will change as we get closer to the event, so buy your tickets now!

See you at WMS on June 23rd!

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