What happens when your mom gets a scanner!

You get a bunch of cool old family photos via email!

And when I say “cool,” I mean “full of liquor.” We ARE German, after all.

Isn’t it awesome when you look at your baby photos and think: “Thank God I don’t look like that anymore.” Although my head *is* still pretty square. Rockin’ blue dress, though, Mom.

We have exactly two years till we get a photo of Declan and his cousin posed and photographed exactly like this. I MUST.

Some things never change.

Even though I have massive memory problems, I *totally* remember this day. That’s me (in the AWESOME pink striped dress), my sister (in the CRAPPY hand-me-down flowered dress, neener neener neener), my mom, my Oma, and my great-grandparents in Germany. We picked all those flowers, braided them into our hair, and headed off to hike in the German mountains and German fresh air. Seriously a day out of Sound of Music, yo.

Um, Mom? Keep ’em comin’.

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  1. Sizzle

    The hills are alive!


  2. Mr Lady

    Loving it! the trike is HYSTERICAL!

  3. Shamelessly Sassy

    haha! I love scanned family photos.

  4. Anonymous


  5. Lil' Sis

    Forgot about that LOVELY cross between Elmo but more furry and a Santa suit jacket. You hated it but made a great pillow for me. Love you and thanks for the smiles. xo

  6. AB

    The year before Jaxon was born I borrowed ALL of my mom’s family albums, old photos from both her and my dad’s families as well as all my childhood photos and over several months, working a couple of hours a night a few days a week I scanned each and every photo. I then made cd copies for eveyone in our family, including cousins, aunts and uncles for the older family photos (grandparents and great grandparents childhood pics etc). It was a huge project but so worth it. Now everyone has copies of my grandparents pictures and they are easily reproduceable. SOOOOOO worth the time!

  7. Sarah Yost

    I love the hand knit sweater you’re screaming in.

  8. Mayberry

    I’m going to be singing that song all night! LOOOOVE the Sound of Music one.

  9. aimer

    nice to see a pic of oma!!!!!!

  10. Sue at eLuckypacket

    You still ride a red trike?

  11. mothergoosemouse

    Your mother looks beautiful!

    I love old photos. So much fun.

  12. zipper

    the 1st one is classic.

  13. gorillabuns

    I’m thinking the red coat should be this year’s fashion hit.

  14. Kathy

    Love, love, love old family photos. I’m the only one in my family with a scanner that scans 120 size negs, so I’ve been doing a lot of scanning/scratch removing, too.

  15. monstergirlee

    Awesome! Seriously. Cannot Wait To See More.

  16. Assertagirl

    Ack! I am so behind on my old photo scanning duties. It is major fun, though.

  17. joansy

    Those are fabulous!

  18. Loralee Choate

    You should use that photo of yourself excercising your lungs as a baby for your Christmas cards.

    I’m just sayin’…

  19. EatPlayLove

    I just borrowed a friends scanner when my parents were visiting (with lots of old photographs)..I love looking at them, I probably check out the album in iPhoto atleast 3x a week.

  20. merrymishaps

    These are great! I love childhood photos …

  21. Anonymous


  22. motherbumper

    I want that pink striped dress. Seriously – ya’ still got it?

  23. Sunshine

    I LOVE old pictures. These are awesome.

  24. Tootsie Farklepants

    What did that tricycle do to you?!

  25. Fi

    Love the tricycle tantrum photo!

    I’ve got a scanning mission ahead of me too; I’m doing a family gallery in our hallway. There’s lots of sifting through old photos ahead of me….

  26. SUEB0B

    Those are great!

  27. Mary Beth

    How awesome that you have them saved on the computer now, and you didn’t have to do anything. And you don’t have to fight with siblings as to who gets the pictures. I wish we could get some of our childhood pics on line – but ours are all on slides hidden away in my parents house.

  28. painted maypole

    well, i see i am totally unoriginal, because I was planning to write “the hills are alive” but see that your first commenter beat me to it!

  29. All Adither

    Well, it’s no Britax, but at least you’re wearing your lap belt.

  30. Kimberly

    I love old family photos! Thanks for sharing.

  31. Anonymous

    holy awesome.

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