What Not To Wear

I freaking love this show. And for once, I like the American version better than the British. (For example, I pretty much can’t stand Trading Spaces, but love Changing Rooms).

Yesterday, there was a WNTW marathon, which matched up with the Christmas present packing extravaganza that was going on in the basement. I was in heaven.

And just at 10pm, when I should have already been asleep, on came an episode with a woman who had a very similar body type to mine. Finally! Tall, big chested, not even close to skiny but not obese either… So, I gave up on sleep and settled in for some schoolin’.

What I learned:
– Longer jackets can offset my chest, but be sure they are tailored for a woman too.
– Can wear pants that are flared a bit, that my height can handle it… and it also offsets the chest.
– Choose shirts with structure instead of flimsy material.
– Throw away my boots that sparkle like a disco ball.

Oh wait, that last one was her, not me.

And, by the way, I seriously want to hang out with Clinton and Stacy. I know they are obnoxious sometimes, but they are hilarious. And too bad Clinton is most assuredly gay. He is hot in a gay, dorky, pencil man sort of way.

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