What’s your secret?

First off, I want to thank everyone who voted for me in the 2008 Bloggies. I *sincerely* appreciate all the support over the past few months and it definitely has been a fun ride. Sure, I am disappointed I didn’t win… but also probably relieved to have it over so I don’t have. to. talk. about it anymore.

I really enjoyed Dooce and MightyGirl’s (you know, my new BFFs) panel yesterday, where they talked about content boundaries and what they have learned in their own very successful forays into online communications. One thing that they said really hit home for me: “You get what you give on the Net.” I dig that.

And in turn, I feel like, while sometimes I definitely snark and whine, ultimately I am really interested in what you guys are up to and (mostly, ha!) respect your opinions even when they differ from my own, which is why we’ve never had a massive flame-fest, even with the most sensitive of subjects. Really, smooches to you all.

NOW. Here’s the thing. If you ever, ever, EVER get a chance to see Frank Warren from PostSecret speak live, run (don’t walk) and attach yourself to his leg. Because that man is truly, truly awesome. He did a keynote at SXSWi today and I was blown away (and not just by the semi-awkward marriage proposal). He was inspirational, he was funny, he was insightful, he was real. I laughed, I cried – blah blah, the whole enchilada.

My favorite quote: “Children most broken by the world are most likely to change it.”

When he said that, my heart twisted, like he had thrown a poison dart through the air to the back of the room and right into my chest.

And right after that, he talked about how everyone reacts to the secrets in different ways, at different times, and that’s what is so amazing about them.

Clearly true for me. Since most of my childhood was broken by my father and that is the secret I always carry around with me.

Don’t worry, I am not going to describe it in detail, but I know if I sat down to create a postcard for that mailbox in Germantown, my father would take center stage.

So, what’s your secret?

It’s OK if you want to keep your secret tucked away next to your heart, maybe you can send it to Frank Warren. I promise he will handle it with care.

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  1. Sizzle

    I am sad you didn’t win. 🙁 But I understand the relief that might follow to be done talking about it. And hey, you got a great experience out of it- traveling to Austin and meeting cool people. That’s great!

    I love Post Secret and think it is epic in its ability to touch people.

  2. monstergirlee

    Until your tweet earlier, I’d never heard of PostSecret. I agree with Sizzle, epic in its ability to touch people.

  3. Reese

    Until your tweet earlier, I’d never heard of PostSecret. I agree with Sizzle, epic in its ability to touch people.

  4. Gretchen

    I’m glad it was a positive experience… even though you didn’t win.

  5. Katja of skimbaco.com

    I reallly wanted you to win, you so deserve it. Thanks for tweets, it’s nice to hang out there with ya, and maybe I’ll even share my secrets someday 😉

  6. heidi

    LOVE frank warren, saw him with the brothers of FOUND mag (who I also love)in Alexandria two years ago. he’s amazing!

  7. Lara

    hope you don’t mind, but i’m going to take advantage of your question, since most people who read here don’t know me.

    my secret? sometimes i wish i’d stayed in the unhappy relationship with my ex-fiance, ’cause i’d rather be unhappy than single. mostly i know it’s better this way, but sometimes, the loneliness really breaks my heart and i get kind of hopeless. at least if we’d stayed together i could have had kids and been happy as a mom. as it is, i worry i’ll be alone forever.

    thanks for giving me space to say that. 🙂

  8. Mamma

    As I used to say to my mom, why can’t we be more normal? Her response: Then we would be so boring.

    I’m glad you enjoyed his talk. I love the site.

  9. whoorl

    What an accomplishment just to be nominated. Congratulations!

  10. Crunchy Domestic Goddess

    regardless that you didn’t win, congrats on your nomination. that is huge!

    btw, i’ve been enjoying your tweets on sxsw. it’s like being there – almost. 😉

  11. Candace

    looking forward to continued enjoyment from your blog……
    I have a feeling things are only gettin’ better and better for you!

  12. Sleeping Mommy

    I’ve been following your tweets and others from SXSW and my sisteirnlaw and I have decided that next year we want to go. Me for the internet, her for the film festival. She’s a film-maker and all that.

    Anyway, congrats on the accomplishment of being nominated. I’d be afraid to win something like that. Notoriety on that scale brings out the crazies. But maybe that’s just my paranoia.

  13. MB

    I dream every day that something magical will happen.

  14. Sue at eLp

    Sorry you didn’t win 🙁 and super jealous about all the cool people you’re getting to meet!

    And grateful that I don’t have any secrets awful enough that I could only post them at PostSecret.

    I love PS though … for its ability to capture so well the beauties and horrors of our lives.

  15. boogiemum

    I love PostSecret! Wish I could of been there for all that stuff. I’m Jealous 🙂

    Sorry to hear you didn’t win, we all still think you are the best!

  16. Melissa

    No matter what ANYONE says, you will ALWAYS be a winner!!! You make me smile everyday and that is rare talent. Congrats on your nomination – We are lucky that you share your life with us.

  17. harlan

    I’m sorry you didn’t win. Your blog is clearly better than mine and should have won. I really enjoy reading it. You’ll probably win something next year, and I doubt that I’ll even be blogging anymore. It’s too exhausting, and people who read my blog don’t seem to like me very much. I can’t blame them.

    Here’s my secret: I put in just enough fake stuff in my blog to intentionally make people think NONE of it’s real. But most of it is.

  18. Builder Mama

    I’m sorry you didn’t win, but I am just dying that you got to see Frank. Last time he came to town it was sold out and I couldn’t go, I was so disappointed!

  19. Miss Britt

    I LOVE the Post Secret site. The whole concept is amazing.

    You get what you give. Yes, I definitely think so. I would have been really interested to hear more about these “content boundaries”, since I seem to have none – and no one seems to understand that.

  20. Rachel

    Aimee! Aimee! Aimee!

    I was so happy to have met your wonderful self. I’m thrilled about our nominations, as mine got my butt out of bed and down to Texas to meet incredible people like you.

    Congratulations for all you’ve accomplished!

    Have a safe trip home!

  21. Anonymous

    I second word for word what Melissa said. Your blog makes me smile every day, its as much a part of my day as coffee.

    However, since very few readers seem to be posting secrets, I’ll throw mine in. You may guess who I am, you may not.

    On my last birthday, I ended up in the ER for alcohol poisoning.

  22. Anonymous

    My secret is that I read all these blogs, yours and many others, never comment, and feel more and more isolated. I keep telling myself I will stop watching people with happy lives and with children, but I can’t stop.

  23. Anonymous

    My secret is that when I read “mom blogs” that describe how hard motherhood is and how awful their kids act, it makes feel better about being infertile.

  24. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Wow. I really do you love you guys. Thanks again for being the height of awesomeness.

    Harlan, thanks for coming over and big congrats on your win. I have to admit, I am not sure what I feel about your secret, but I also really think that a blog can be anything the blogger wants it to be. I know that I could not blog that way, but if it works for you, I am glad. And again, congrats and thanks for the kind words.

    To those leaving your secrets, I think I understand a little bit about what Frank Warren was talking about, how amazing he feels when someoine sends thoughts to him like they do. Hugs and love to you guys especially.

    Becky, I wanted to tell you I got the send that Frank reads every single one he gets, carries around different ones to each talks and reads out different ones at different times. He also talked about certain ones he couldn’t post or use ion the book for whatever reason. So, while I am sorry he didn’t use it on the site, I know he read it and he cherished it.

  25. Ashmystir

    I agree with Sizzle.

    I love your blog and how you win someday.


  26. Becky

    I’m really sorry you didn’t win. I really enjoy your blog and think you deserved this win. Next year!

    I once sent in a postcard to Post Secret and to my knowledge Frank never posted it. It’s too embarrassing to ever admit again so perhaps my secret is in some drawer of Frank’s desk.

  27. Don Mills Diva

    Sorry you didn’t win. I have just discovered your blog and I LOVE it!

  28. Anonymous

    My secret: I hate my mother.

  29. Amber

    So sad you didn’t win, my lady. But you’re not such a big secret around here. 🙂

    And I LOVE that quote. So insightful, so profound….

  30. Anonymous

    Just getting nominated is AWESOME!!! Be proud! (Erika)

  31. emma

    Condolences that you didn’t win but I’m happy you were nominated or I never would have found your blog (now regular reading) and I’m sure I’m not alone in that sentiment.

  32. Allstarme79

    I voted for you! I’m sorry you didn’t win though. Maybe next year.

    PostSecret definitely has a different effect on each person; sometimes it makes me feel like we’re all so sad. And then I’m sad and I want to send that in as my secret.

  33. Loralee Choate

    I think it is rockin’ you got so close!

    Post Secret is one of my absolute MUST HAVES during the week.

  34. gorillabuns

    There is always next year to win.

    I’m sure you will.

  35. Anonymous

    my secret is
    i promised i stopped
    but i didn’t

  36. motherbumper

    PostSecret is one of the most amazing things ever. But I’d totally have to send my in there because my secrets are crazy. Done, but still crazy.

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