Who wants to win Duran Duran tickets? YOU DO!!!

I wonder how many of you I am gonna have to fight for John Taylor.

Bring it.

He’s mine.

Proof is in the pudding ladies. Or the Photoshop, as the case may be.


Well, guess what.

I am a gonna be seeing John Taylor in person on October 4th here in Denver courtesy of the band, and SO COULD YOU. I have seen them twice before and they are AMAZING live. Trust me on this. And trust me on my adoration for Duran Duran. I even named my dog Rio.

with Neon Trees (love them too!)
Tuesday, October 4, 2011
First Bank Center
Broomfield, Colorado
Tickets for purchase at Tickethorse

But would you like two FREE tickets to that show?

Comment here or on my Facebook page to enter. On September 29th, I will randomly draw a winner and announce it October 1st. You MUST be able to attend the October 4th Duran Duran show here in Colorado. You may enter as many times as you like – the more you comment, the more chances you have to win!

Good luck fighting over the tickets.

Cause, friends, John is ALL MINE.

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  1. voteforgrant

    You can have John. I just want tickets. 😀

  2. gretchen from lifenut

    Me. I want to go. John Taylor is so yummy. Remember his brief solo career with the song “I Do What I Do To Have You?” The stuff of teenage girl dreams…

  3. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Rajean- I ran is FLOCK OF SEAGULLS.

  4. gretchen from lifenut

    Daria, will you flip a coin? I live 5 minutes from the 1st Bank Center. We could carpool. Look at me, lobbying to be your date. You’re on a lucky streak, Ms. Hawaii.

    (and will this count as my 2nd entry?)

  5. Tricia Johnson

    Uh, yea! I’ll brawl with you over this one!

  6. KR

    I just like the creepiness of that picture.

    And of course flashbacks to “Hungry Like a Wolf” on “Friday Night Videos” (The poor man’s MTV) are spinning in my head now…

  7. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Sarah – and it was sloppy photoshop work at best!

  8. amykblum

    Well, Mrs. Giese. I’ll guess we’ll have to let John have the final say in this fight, ’cause I’m pretty sure he’ll pick me! Next time you come over I’ll show you my Duran Duran scrapbooks that I’ve hauled around with me my whole life!

    Dave and I would love to join you!

  9. woodardj

    Who wants tickets? Uhm, *I DO*!

  10. Insightful Endeavors International, Inc


    Just attended 25th HS Class Reunion — this is a suitable follow-up! 😉

  11. Sizzle

    I was always more of a Roger fan myself. I have a thing for drummers.

  12. Suzan Bond

    I remember the 80’s and Duran Duran very well. So pick me!

  13. rajean

    Saw your tweet, so ‘I Ran, I ran so far away’ to your blog, to enter so I could win…Duran Duran means college days to me. Please, oh please?

  14. Daria @ Mom in Management

    Me, me, me! And I’ll take Rajean or Gretchen with me if I win!

  15. rajean

    Aimee, as soon as I hit ‘publish’ I realized ‘I Ran’ is Flock of Seagulls. Dope. I saw them. Haven’t had the pleasure to see Duran Duran, and yes, they really do mean college to me. Did I mention I went to Ohio University, aka Party school and maybe, just maybe I can blame alcohol for my ‘Careless Memories.’ Or am I just ‘Out of My Mind?’ Redemption for the win!!!

  16. Heather S.

    NO WAY! =) This would be totally awesome!!!! Could this be Z’s first concert??? TOTALLY RAD!!!

  17. Clueless_Mama

    Hey Aimee! I was just coming to tell you that I will be at the concert too. Hope to see you there:)

  18. Sarah

    So, that photoshop job totally freaked me out. What would freak me out even more? Getting to see Duran Duran & Neon Trees live! 🙂

  19. tiddleywink

    Dreamy John! ::swoons:: I still have my 45 of Wild Boys, although I don’t think it’s as good as their earlier singles, but I wore out my cassette tape (!!!) of Rio years ago.

  20. EatPlayLove

    I’m so fighting you for James, oh wait I mean JOHN… Maybe we could share?

  21. Get Clued In!

    I’m hungry like a wolf and hopinq you will pick me. Omg pick me haa
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  22. EatPlayLove

    I was just daydreaming about how AWESOME it would be to hear New Moon on Monday LIVE. I’ve never seen Duran Duran live.

  23. MargieK

    Phew… I was going to comment on Yvonne’s blog, and then (if I won) figure out how to get a last minute ticket to LA.

    I live in FoCo, but work in Littleton on Tuesdays and Thursdays, perfect!

  24. zenrain

    I would totally make this happen!!

  25. Jim

    My high school sweetheart would be the one to win these tix as she loved John Taylor. I’ll go for the flashbacks.

  26. Margie

    Will never forget their big MTV presence back in the day. When I was a newlywed/grad student, and then first-time mom.

  27. MargieK

    Would love to go… and my husband probably wouldn’t, but it doesn’t sound like I’d have trouble finding someone to go with!

  28. EatPlayLove

    I woke up with Rio repeating in my head. Coincidence? I think not.

  29. jeanette

    I had a poster of Roger Taylor on my wall all through high school. I can’t remember if I took him with me to college. *sigh* They didn’t tour in Idaho. Alas. Now’s my big chance.

  30. MargieK

    I can still comment?


  31. Get Clued In!

    Pick me!!

  32. Get Clued In!

    Daria and Gretchen if we do not win wanna get tix and go? We are sooo close

  33. Get Clued In!

    Im with Margie here… more attempts to up my odds…. I’m BACK BABY!

  34. Margie

    Blatent attempt to up my odds…

  35. GwenMD

    Comment, comment, comment

  36. gretchen from lifenut

    Did I mention that I was supposed to be John Taylor in an 8th grade air band competition, but I had an asthma attack that morning before school and couldn’t go? Getting to see them again would make up for it.

  37. Tree


    I love your glove, Aimee! hee hee

    I have memories of my then best friend Damita and I sleeping over at each other’s homes and one night her asking me who I liked better, Simon or John. I thought she meant to say Daryl and John. I was not that hip.

  38. MargieK

    Hope if I win, I can meet up with Aimee!

  39. Scott

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  40. GwenMD

    commenting again….

  41. gretchen from lifenut

    Throwing myself into the hat, again.

  42. MargieK

    Back again for another try. 🙂

  43. Unknown

    I saw Duran Duran in the early 90s (I think). God it was awesome. (I don’t want tickets… I just wanted to validate my coolness.)

  44. SarahK

    It’ll be incredibly hard for you to marry JT as I am eloping w him next Friday night in Vegas.

  45. Sarah K Taylor

    I used to have a sticker on my bedroom door that said “I <3 John Taylor" and my dad thought it was a kid in my high school.

  46. Sarah k all the way

    I stayed home from school to
    See the debut of the video wild boys.

  47. The future Mrs taylor

    I had the name Duran put on the back of my swimming jacket in high school

  48. Mrs Kinzer-LeBon

    Although I must say recent photos of Simon prove him to have aged well or have a good photoshopper. Meow.

  49. Anonymous

    You should see the 80s outfit I got for the concert. Despite Bess saying all I needed was cocaine

  50. Hungry like the wolf sk

    Oh obvs that last comment was me. Now I will stop. Bc I have to go
    Pack for my honeymoon.

  51. Sarah so sad

    I have never been to a Duran Duran concert despite my stalking of them bc they wouldn’t come to Spokane. Jerks. Jerks that I love.

  52. Is that stalking?

    I think it might mean I can wallpaper my basement w your pics of Duran Duran. Yah me!

  53. kenpjack

    My wife would love to see these guys. (OK I would too). Please pick me.

  54. gretchen from lifenut

    I already know what I’d wear.

  55. MargieK

    Still hoping I have a decent chance! <3

  56. MargieK

    Why would someone comment as “Anonymous?”

    Not me!

  57. crazy friend

    Dear Margie K, I accidentally commented anonymous but i figured since I was talking about cocaine and bess she’d know it was her crazy friend

  58. its short enuf to be a shirt

    I just fed ex overnighted 2 amazing 80’s outfits so planning to do a costume change halfway.

  59. Aimee has short term mem loss

    I think I might deserve tickets just for giving you a heart attack today that I was actually getting married in Vegas this weekend

  60. eyes glued shut

    I bought 3 pairs of fake eyelashes for this event. One of which is purple feathers. It will be epic!

  61. sarah is desperate

    I am leaving this comment because you deleted one of my comments.

  62. Get Clued In!

    I am back and hope to see them… REM broke up before I could see them- WAH! PICK ME :_)

  63. gretchen from lifenut

    Eatplaylove is one of my favorite people. But I want to win. Last ditch effort.

  64. gretchen from lifenut

    So, if I win I’m going to wear navy/grey striped knit wrap dress with huge red beads.

  65. gretchen from lifenut

    I hope they play “The Chauffeur” ~ underrated.

  66. gretchen from lifenut

    And Ratna is another favorite! Really, and I say this sincerely, I’d be happy if any of my friends won. I have seen Duran Duran live, recently.

  67. EatPlayLove

    While I was here I thought I should share, my all time favorite cookie is a snickerdoodle.

  68. EatPlayLove

    Oh and the other day, we made pie pops. Screw that cake pop trend, pie pops is where it’s at. John Taylor is the HAWT HAWTNESS….

  69. EatPlayLove

    If I leave 3,000 random comments, I’m wondering if the universe will attract one to Random.org…

    Random loves random.

  70. EatPlayLove

    I’ve decided you can have John. I’ll just go dance and be random and have the BEST NIGHT EVER!

  71. EatPlayLove

    I once went to a concert at the First Bank Center alone and it was awesome, except for the frat boys indulging in random not so appropriate things right next to me. Uncomfortable moment!

  72. EatPlayLove

    Is it for a pair of tickets? Because I may just have my own contest after I win and pick one of these awesome women that have commented! I’m so nice like that.

  73. EatPlayLove

    I just realized in a rather selfish fashion, I did not ask to see how well your scar is healing the other day. That’s lame.

  74. Get Clued In!

    I love the 1st bank center- smaller than Pepsi Center and more personal…. I agree with EAtplaylove here.

  75. Get Clued In!

    If you won a pair of tickets, will you please ask me to go with you PLEASE PLEASE??? Is the desperation coming through yet?

  76. Aimee Greeblemonkey


    And my plan is to print out this page and the Facebook stream tonight and cut up the entries and pick from a hat! GOOD LUCK!

  77. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    And I know Sarah is joking with the anonymous stream in a row – but be sure I know who you are or can get in touch with you!!!

  78. Sarah K., since aimee is making me be specific

    eatplaylove, i am free that night, so you could ostensibly pick me

  79. Sarah K again

    So anyhow, I brought all my outfits to the women’s shelter I work out and they voted on the one I should wear–booya!!

  80. yep, Sarah K

    I also got some good advice on where I could buy a cheap gold belt which was priceless advice since it will match my gold shoes.

  81. Sarah K with the broken ankle

    the only snafu with the outfit is my outrageous heels. The last time I wore them dancing I couldn’t feel my left foot for 6 weeks. This I will suffer for John Taylor <3 <3 <3

  82. Sarah K, tech challenged

    It took me a full minute to find this key “<" on the keyboard since I am not on my iphone.


    I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE DRAWING..ITS SO EXCITING..NO MATTER WHO WINS…THE ANTICIPATION IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Sarah k curious

    Who will pick? You? Bugfrog? D? Dog?

  85. Sarah k saving a buck

    Am packing more booze than clothes for Vegas. Or at least it takes up more space than the outfits I have.

  86. Sarah K!!!!!

    When will you turn off comments??

  87. gretchen from lifenut

    How badly I want to win: I listened to Mix 100.3 for the Duran Duran song and tried to be the 10th caller to win tickets. I had my teenager on our house phone dialing and I used my cell.

    The above is the definition of desperation. Mix 100.3, people! I had to listen to DAUGHTRY.

  88. Get Clued In!

    So…. will you draw a winner already and announce.. otherwise I need to get tickets although no one wants to go with me so… either there’s something wrong with me… OR…. hmm…:-) Who doesn’t love these guys?

  89. Get Clued In!

    Gretchen, or Denise— WILL YOU PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, go with me… cause all the other lame o people are backing out – what is that??? haaa

  90. Get Clued In!

    I think I will wear JEANS and my RIO shirt… I am not kidding – but the shirt may not fit after breastfeeding two kids… ya know? Okay – was that TMI>

  91. EatPlayLove

    I named our first dog, Guinness. Which shows where my dedication lies.

  92. EatPlayLove

    Maybe I should back up. My very first dog was a beagle named Babe. Then a Fox Terrier named Max. I also had a cat named, Kootsie.

    All connected to… nothing. I mean Kootsie?

  93. Aimee Greeblemonkey


  94. MargieK

    time up up my odds again!

  95. MargieK

    Maybe I should comment again, for good measure?

  96. MargieK

    Well you recently added me on FB (whee!), so you should be able to find me.

  97. MargieK

    Just checked ticket prices… $40 and up.

    Hmmm… If I buy a ticket, could we still meet up somehow?

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