Best Christmas Music Playlists

Christmas Music Playlists For Every Mood – Updated for 2023

Note: Playlists updated for 2023

The infectious melodies of Christmas music have this ability to turn even the grumpiest Scrooge into a toe-tapping, head-nodding holiday enthusiast. Whether it’s the classic crooning of Bing Crosby or the upbeat vibes of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” these tunes create a festive soundtrack that can transform mundane tasks (like wrapping presents!) into festive celebrations. The joy of Christmas music is like a warm hug for your ears, wrapping you in a cozy blanket of nostalgia. Even if you’re not the most religiously inclined person, Christmas tunes have this uncanny ability to make you feel like you’re part of a cheerful, harmonious chorus celebrating the most wonderful time of the year.

It’s true. I love Christmas music! So much so that I have a very large Christmas music playlist that has evolved over the years to more than 1,300 songs. Then I made more playlists for every mood. It’s kind of an addiction. Classic, Upbeat, Indie, Pretty… They are all there. The last one below is all my faves and if you are following me on Spotify, you know I have been listening to that one a lot. Like, a lot a lot.

Cheers for Christmas and I hope your holiday season is very merry.

P.S. Have you been hit by Whammagedon yet?

Huge Christmas Music Playlist

Indie Christmas Playlist

Pretty Christmas Playlist

Upbeat Christmas Playlist

Christmas Classics Playlist

Aimee’s Favorites

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