Wondering what SNIAGRAB is?

If you are from Colorado, you probably know. You probably have even been in the thick of it once or twice.

If not, you think I just sneezed.

It actually started with a sporting goods company named Gart Brothers 56 years ago (let me repeat that part: FIFTY SIX YEARS AGO), when they decided to have a huge sale to kick off the ski season. Gart was bought by Sports Authority in the late 90’s and SNIAGRAB has become bigger and bigger every year. Like crazy big.

My family headed down to SNIAGRAB at their largest location, the Denver “Sports Castle” bright and early this year (let me repeat that part: BRIGHT AND EARLY) and caught a bunch of video. And then I edited is all together. And I am pretty damn proud of the results, if I say so myself (let me repeat that part: REALLY REALLY PROUD).

Check it out:

So, why did they ask ME to cover the event for them? First, my husband Bryan is a long time snowboarder. (Let me repeat that part: LONG LONG TIME). Like, he used to get kicked off the hill because snowboarders were not allowed back in the day.

Also: who else would be so amused by the hard-core folks sleeping out on the street for a WEEK for a SALE. (Let me repeat that part: SLEEPING OUT, ON THE STREET, FOR A WEEK.)

Oh, and don’t miss the Banana Eating Contest footage at the end. That’s my favorite.


Blogger disclosure: Sports Authority provided me with a Flip camera and a gift card to the store for this coverage. But seriously. Look at the Banana Eating Contest. SO WORTH IT.

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  1. zipper

    Love it Aimee – Awesome is right.

  2. Headless Mom

    SNIAGRAB makes me so homesick 🙁

  3. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    HM – it really is a right of passage, right?

  4. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Jo – like SNYE-A-GRAB instead of SNEE-A-GRAB? That’s awesome!

  5. Anonymous

    Awesome video. I hope that guy didn’t choke on the banana!!! – m

  6. Jo White (Mediamum)

    Love it! And now I know how to say it – I’ve been pronouncing it wrong! (With a Hard I instead of soft) 🙂

  7. chloebear

    LOVED it! Great job!! Makes me want to ski (not really;)) – I just like looking “cool” in the snow!

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