Words that make a Mamma proud. And teary.

We met Declan’s friend Trudy and her dad over at the paddle boats today. (In case you are wondering, Trudy got the gigantic dragon and Declan wanted the huge flamingo. For once in my life I didn’t have the freaking camera, so you’ll just have to visualize it in your head).

Those two kids get along like wildfire (is that even an expression?) and after the paddle boats and some really terrible hot dogs, we headed over to the playground. I could tell they were playing all sorts of games that they played together at school. One was called “Junk.” As explained by Trudy, “You pile a bunch of stuff up and throw away the parts that are junk, and it’s really, really funny.” Um, OK. Sounds like a barrel of laughs. But based on their giggles, I guess it was.

Anyway, as of Monday, Trudy and Declan are not going to school together anymore. I think they are finally starting to “get it.”

Because on the way home – out of the blue – Declan said to me, “Mamma? Can you take a picture of Trudy for me? So I can hold it and remember that I love her?”

Damn, that kid rocks.

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