Work Holiday Party

We headed out at noon and took everyone from the office to the Denver Aquarium for our holiday party today. With the exception of incredibly slow service (for which they graciously charged me 20% gratuity), the party was really nice. The Aquarium has recently been bought and overhauled by Landry’s Seafood Resturants – which led to the inevitable jokes of “Do we get to pick the fish we’ll have for lunch?” 🙂

On the way home, I reflected on what a long, strange trip it’s been. My partner’s husband hired me 8 years ago to start a little multimedia department (see us yucking it up with the shark this afternoon, below).

And then 3 years ago, he suggested that his wife and I break out on our own. Which we did. I was petrified… and still am most days… but in general, things have turned out swimmingly (pardon the pun).

My old boss even moved his projects into our company this year and doubled our size in one fail swoop. So now we are all one big happy family again.

I know I complain about work sometimes, but I am also really thankful for what we have.

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