World Diabetes Day

I don’t post about my diabetes much. Mainly because I am under tight control. My HA1C usually hovers in the high 5’s which technically makes it as if my body doesn’t even feel any diabetic symptoms. But it certainly does not make me non-diabetic.

They found my diabetes when I was pregnant with Declan. And since pregnancy hormones exacerbate diabetes, my blood sugars were CRAZEEEE. (For example, normal 1 hour after eating numbers should be 120-140ish, mine were 370.) When the doctors got my test results, they went into overdrive, yanked me out work, put me into nutrition education, and started stabbing me with needles. Because you can’t take oral meds when you are pregnant. Have I mentioned I used to be scared of needles? Operative word being: used to.

In the years since, I have learned so much about my body, my health – it’s amazing how much better I feel. People comment that it’s sad I got diabetes so early. It’s not sad. I’m GLAD I got it this early, when I am young enough to take it seriously and make major changes in my life.

I am healthier now than I was 10 years ago. Diabetes started the ball rolling.

Recently, I found a Ning group for diabetics full of wonderful people battling this disease on a much more serious level. Many have not been as lucky as I have been; every day is battle. But they are courageous. They are strong. They are kickin’ ass.

In celebration of World Diabetes Day and the Word In Your Hand Project, I present my hand extending to many other hands in hopes that one day there will be a cure for this terrible disease.


P.S. 30 Days of Thanks
I am thanks for my Aunt Heidi. She is a lovely, funny, warm and caring person who has always been a second mom to me. It’s her birthday today – Happy Birthday pretty lady!

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  1. Anonymous

    Lovely post.

  2. Anonymous

    I’m so proud of the way you control your diabetes – I wish your mom and I were as good.

    AND thank you for the lovely post – you know you guys mean the world to me.

    Love you
    Aunt Heidi

  3. Flower Child

    I can’t imagine having to control what I eat beyond looking at the calorie count. good for you for taking it as a learning experience. We should all be healthier as we get older (and wiser!)

  4. monstergirlee

    Great post. I need to keep diabetes in the back of my mind as I developed gestational diabetes during my 2nd pregnancy.
    Good for you for doing such a great job with yours. Its an inspiration.

  5. Anonymous

    Great Post! I did not know that was today. Happy Birthday to Aunt Heidi! I sent the link to my SIL in the DR to see if next year we can be included on the monument list. Diabetes affects both sides of Ivan’s and my family, and keeping it under control is a huge task. Congrats to you on doing so well with it, I am a witness to your testimony, not only about feeling healthier, you also look amazing! Brenda.

  6. Nancy

    Thank you for “enlightening” me with this wonderful post. I didn’t know today was World Diabetes Day … the video was well done.

    I wish you more good days than not so good ones =)

  7. Michelle

    Thanks for the nice reminder of Wold Diabetes Day! I’m also diabetic. Type 1 that is. So, I understand your daily struggles with it. I have been forced to get over my fear of needles during the last 4 years. I agree completely that the disease forces you to become healthier. However I still have to satisfy my sweet tooth…but that’s the beauty of insulin.


  8. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    You all are too kind to me! Thanks so much! 🙂

    And Michelle, that’s also the beauty of being under control type 2. You can cheat sometimes. Like today I had a few bites of my hubby’s Frosty. He was like “ISN’T IT WORLD DIABETES DAY??? BACK OFF!” 😉

  9. s'mee

    very very good post. thanks

  10. soccer mom in denial

    You are amazing. Taking a diagnosis of a chronic disease into a blessing. An opportunity to learn.


    PS – Sorry I’ve been MIA. Traveling, then getting pink eye, does that to a gal.

  11. MB

    i’m so glad you’re healthy!

  12. Mayberry

    I am glad you are healthy! My sister’s boyfriend was recently diagnosed with Type 1. It’s been a big eye-opener for them both.

  13. Bryan

    I am amazed at how well you do. Love you!

  14. Jennifer aka Binky Bitch

    What a great attitude. Such a great post.

  15. Sarah

    Ha1c in the high 5’s is awesome! Congrats!

  16. Melek

    my 37 year old friend found out he had diabetes when he almost OD’d on cheesecake. seriously. and it was so serious, that his brother took action and ended up losing about 40 lbs to hopefully ward off getting diabetes himself. Since then, i’ve really cut back on sugar, and it’s amazing how much better i feel. none of those afternoon nosedives anymore.

    knowledge is power 🙂

  17. carrie

    You rock!

    Great post.

  18. Meghan

    I’m so glad you’ve got it under control, and that you feel healthier than ever… but that’s a jagged pill to swallow in the middle of a pregnancy. My cousin has diabetes and, even though she knew prior to conceiving, her pregnancies were tougher than most.

    You’ve got a great attitude.

    Also… happy birthday, Aunt Heidi!

  19. painted maypole

    what a wonderful perspective. thanks for sharing!

  20. Amy

    I have an Aunt Gail whom I love. Happy Birthday Aunt Heidi!!

  21. K.

    A little off topic, but this post reminded me of when I was reading books trying to get pregnant with my second child. I was SO floored by how little I really knew about my own body, going into that!

    Anyway, your attitude is very inspiring, and I’m enjoying getting to know you a little bit. To your continued good health.

  22. mamagnome

    Hi Aimee,
    Aimee, an amazing post! Many members of my family have diabetes and my mother watched me like crazy as a child for it. Instead, I ended up hypoglycemic, which seems to have a lot of the same symptoms. I need to be so much better about keeping things even and your post was very inspiring! Also, I love you site (and wish I had any idea how to make one half as pretty) and I love love love the name Declan!

  23. Shannon

    It’s nice to see others out there are talking about this. Thanks!

    PS- I did a hand picture too. 🙂

  24. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Thank you all so much. I feel like I say that all the time, but it’s so true. Your support rocks.

    And Mamagnome, I’m available for hire! 🙂

  25. sue

    I’ve been so busy I completely missed the day. I have been diagnosed type 2 for about 20 years. Welcome to the club… sounds to me like you are doing great. you have a wonderful attitude, also. I’m going to have to check out that link. Thanks for posting!

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