Writer’s Block

When people ask me, I often say I am a mom blogger, because I certainly started out that way. Most of what I wrote about were things Dex was up to, in order to help me remember them.

As he grew, I pulled back to protect his privacy; I knew the stories belonged to him as well as me. It’s been hard, like I said – I catch memories here. But I have also started talking about other things I find interesting… music, tech, photography, travel, health, and more music. These topics are fun to explore and generally I now tell people I am a lifestyle blogger, although no one really knows what that means, including myself.

There was a point for many parent bloggers where they “came out” in real life. Whether it was to their spouse, their own parents, or to friends outside the blogging world. That step was pretty painless for me because I had shared the early stories with my mom as a way for her to remember Dex as well. There was no grand deleting of posts or changing of tone after SHE FOUND ME.

DexApril2013_05Here’s the thing.

I have a new reader of my blog.

My son.

He flips through my posts casually from his phone via Google + with a nauseating amount of ease and then quotes them back to me when I least expect it. I can’t wait for him to question my choice of the word nauseating.

Net effect? I am paralyzed. I have no idea what to write any more. I feel like my posts have become less personal and I know that is the reason.

I am not blaming him, nor would I banish him – as if I could.

It is just a new reality I need to accept, at least until he gets bored of it, and find a different way to talk here.

Do your kids read your blog?
Any tips to share?

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  1. Karen

    She does. And now, when the topic is related to her, I ask her if it’s ok to post. She says yes most of the time, but she also has said no. I respect her choice.

  2. Aimee Giese

    Karen, same here. Also with tweeting. It’s hard but I respect his choices.

  3. Laura

    You have perfectly described what I have been going through of late. Yes, 4 of my 5 children do read my blog. One regularly shares it on FB, another tweets posts on occasion and they all have at one point or another stated OMG, MOM DO NOT BLOG THAT!!! So now I find myself struggling with what do I write about…thank goodness for those grandbabies who live across the street! Then again, what I write about for them I have to get their parents’ approval too.
    All in all, I respect and honor my kids’ wishes. In turn they understand that what I do write about is my part of the story.
    I guess it’s part of growing up…the kids and us because we have grown a lot too as parents.

  4. Aimee Giese

    Laura, glad I am not alone!!!

  5. zipper

    Well, it has been fun watching him grow!

  6. Zakary

    Yep. To all of this.

  7. Felix Lee

    My blog isn’t really a personal one and my kid is most comfortable that way. He is quite a private person even at his young age.

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