You have GOT to be kidding me.

Girls weekend to Chicago in September? Canceled due to my father-in-law’s funeral.

Girls weekend to Chicago in December? Canceled because of a huge snowstorm in Chicago.

Girls weekend to Chicago this upcoming weekend, rescheduled for the third time, where Aimee flies out Friday at noon?

OK. Dear God, Mother Nature, Jack Frost, The Smurfs – whoever is listening – I was only joking when I kept saying there would be a huge snowstorm in Denver on April 13th when I flew out to meet my friends.


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  1. Anonymous

    that is CRAZY!!!!

  2. Sarah


  3. Tree

    You are going to make it.

  4. Builder Mama

    Sending lots of no snow vibes your way…surely it can’t be postponed AGAIN…

  5. mar

    yes, you WILL make it this time;) i will even wish we get it all up here! we are in a winter storm warning in parts of wyoming, so i will do a snow dance for it all to come north 😉

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