100th Day Celebration

Yesterday was Declan’s 100th day of school. Apparently this is a big deal, because they had a party with lots of activities and – of course, lots of sugar! Along with the party, we had another family project due – this time we had to count out anything to 100, and attach it to something and bring it in. The example the teacher used was to count 100 grains of rice and glue then to the piece of paper she provided.

But the three of us don’t do anything halfway, dammit! So, Bryan brought home 100 packing peanuts (the wheat water-soluble kind, of course) and we decided to stick them into a cardboard box via 100 toothpicks. Halfway through we realized making a class project that looked (and felt) like the dude from Hellraiser was maybe an recipe for disaster… but we were already committed.

And it went off without a hitch. No toothpick-related injuries to speak of, and Declan had a blast at his party.

Happy first 100 days of public school, Declan! Only about 2,000 more days to go, buddy!

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  1. TxGambit

    Oh man! K&H are past that age of 100 day celebration but I guess I will start doing this with L next year. Yikes!

    Project looks gooooood!

  2. Anonymous

    uh, Colin counted out 100 pennies from his piggy bank. so not creative over here. at least he did it by 10s. LOL well done Dex!

  3. Tree

    So, here I was thinking those were marshmallows and what a sugar buzz you would create while making this. I should have looked at the shape first and then I MAY have guessed packing peanuts!

    Fantastic, fun family effort.

  4. aimee

    I know, it *does” look like marshmallows, huh. Then we just needed to have a grand old roasting, yum!

  5. Rebel Girl

    Too funny. A&N had their 100 day celebration today! They had to draw pictures of something they wanted 100 of. N drew a picture of skittles and A drew M&M’s… yes, they are candy-deprived at home. They also made cereal necklaces made out of 100 fruit loops. 🙂

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