3 Levels At Water World

I took the day off so we could go have a fun day at Water World (and make use of those season passes we have). Danielle happened to have the day off, so she joined us to make it extra fun. Of course, the three of us are battling various stages of the cold Declan got on Sunday. Declan is almost done, I am halfway and Bryan just starting. Let’s hope Danielle is not the next victim.

It was perfect weather and we explored more areas of the park than we normally do. And I noticed something. Water World knew what they were doing when they built the place. There are three distinct play areas, all fashioned for different age groups.

First, there is Wally World – which seems to suit 0-5 year olds. This is exclusively where we played last year. They have geysers, swings over water and mini-slides that spray and splash. Declan still really enjoys this area, but it has been fun to see him branching out.

Then, there is Calypso Cove, which has been a new hangout this year. Kids around ages 3-8 like to play here. There are bigger slides, dumping buckets of water and knobs & pulleys to spray others with. Today we even made the move to have our picnic table over in this area. Are we bold and fearless, or what?

Lastly, we ventured over the the Fun House – which was cool to watch but clearly out of Declan’s league. He was seriously intimidated by all the 8-16 year olds romping around like maniacs on the multi-level and very wet structure – but he sure enjoyed watching water pour out of the clown’s nose.

Overall, a really great day that ended in a great nap for all three of us.

Of course, on our way out… we took a long look at the entire map of the place and realized there is a whole ‘nother section we have never even been to.

I can’t wait to go back.

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