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50 Funny People of Twitter

I wanted to bring your attention to some people on Twitter who crack me up on a daily basis. In alphabetical order, showing a funny tweet from each, and the tweet linked to their Twitter page.

Have at it.


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  1. Kerry

    Holy shit Aimee!!!! That is awesome!!!

  2. gretchen from lifenut

    I loved this.

    I think I was in that pharmacy mentioned in #50 on Saturday night.

  3. Megan

    Ha ha! This makes me want to start on Twitter to follow them.

  4. Leighann of Multi-Minding Mom

    That was great!

    I think I’m witty and insightful in 140 characters or less…but I’m afraid I’m sometimes the only one laughing.

    (BTW, blog looks awesome. I subscribe, so I don’t usually click over.)

  5. zipper

    I busted a gut.

  6. Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

    Okay, but I get to be Rob Lowe then.

  7. Mom101

    I think I’m going to officially delete my entire twitter list and just follow who you’re following.

    But I would have to add @paulscheer, @robheubel and @michaelianblack who consistenly make me feel very, very unfunny.

  8. fruitlady

    I’ll never forget the night we thought we had a direct IRL line to Sween. We were swoony. Then we realized it wasn’t going to be. That was a fun 25 minutes of us pretending to be 15 year olds and Sween becoming the Jonas Brothers of Twitter. Just for us though. No one else. I mean it ladies. Back off.

  9. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Crap. I even have @robheubel coming to my fracking phone. I KNEW I would forget people!

  10. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    And seriously. Back off the @sween. Even the @damselesque.

  11. Sugar

    Best list EVAH!!

  12. Boston Mamas

    Frikkin’ brilliant. I heart you.

  13. Haley-O

    So many of these made me laugh out loud. Thanks for that!

  14. Brittany

    This was perfection. I will add more after I reread it to my husband and re-explain what twitter is again.

  15. imelda

    Where do you find the time to do all that you do? Superwoman!!!! Great List!

  16. Seriously Why Can't I?

    Thanks for the list. I find myself reading twitter updates now in lieu of Time Magazine. Who cares what’s happening across the world, it is far more important to know that “ugly christmas sweaters” now have twitter accounts.

  17. Mamma

    A. I’m never going to be on a list.

    2. Holy shit why am I not following any of those people?

  18. Terry

    I cannot POSSIBLY imagine how long it took you to crop all those screenshots so perfectly, but you’re amazing and this is amazing and YOU LEFT SOMEONE OFF!!! (???)

  19. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Kelly, you would have been in my bad-ass mom list had you NOT been included elsewhere. AND you are damn funny on Twitter. You are totally like a cross-pollinator.

    And Terry, check Twitter.

  20. Anonymous

    I can’t stop laughing. Hilarious. – m

  21. bugfrog

    Don’t worry about it Terry. I am funniest person on the planet and I didn’t get on, either.

    I’m not complaining. I got my own planet. It’s a planet that doesn’t have Twitter yet. Or other people.

  22. Mr Lady

    In defense of the damn lists, there isn’t another mom blogger more A) unknown and B) fringey than me, and I’m on one. Of course, I had to threaten them with, “DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHO I USED TO LIVE RIGHT NEXT DOOR TOO?” to get on it.

    That said, this may be the greatest list of anything, anywhere.

    And you really need to meet my most recent ex-neighbor, @lukeinvan. You’re welcome. 🙂

  23. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Mr. Lady – I had a post all planned with YOU as Ponyboy cause you look more like him, but then you WENT AND GOT ON THE EFFING LIST and RUINED IT ALL. I even emailed Babble and told them about our former neighborliness but they said they didn’t care, so I know YOU didn’t use that excuse, SO THERE. Just kidding. They told me we could share the title since we used to live 5 feet from each other.

  24. debihope

    Thank you so much for including me. An honor to be in such fine company. Many of these kooks have become my good friends.

  25. Mr Lady

    I will get removed from the list if I can be your ponyboy.

    Let’s share it. I’m cool with that.

  26. Linda

    Just forwarded to like 50 zillion people. Who don’t do Twitter. But may understand why I read this kind of stuff online now!!!

  27. Anonymous

    Love the mommybloggers on the other lists, looking forward to reading all these folks too. Thanks.

  28. Nadine

    LOVE this list! My arm is tired from clicking “follow”! Thanks for sharing Amy.

  29. Gregers

    oh wow. That. is. awesome.

  30. Melissa

    Wow– holding back tears I’m laughing so hard! That was some funny shit.

  31. Overland Parker

    I’m honored to be included on your list Aimee. As a symbol of my gratitude, please take my in-laws.

  32. Ali

    the Outsiders of Mommy Blogs.

  33. Julie @ The Mom Slant

    Love it! You follow the greatest people on Twitter.

  34. Momo Fali

    That is some very serious awesomeness. Thanks for sharing!

  35. Nat

    Great Tweets. Mine are much more mundane. However, I do get a kick from @mishacollins

  36. jon deal

    I’m honored to be on that list, thanks!

    And really, I did ask the pharmacy tech and she said that the number of ‘scrips for Xanax type meds do seem go up slightly around the holidays.

    Not that I would know anything about that, of course. I love my family deeply and am always delighted to hang out with them.


  37. DCUrbanDad

    Brilliant list. I too want a tower of bacon.

  38. Scott Monty

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. Scott Monty

    These are really great, Aimee. I’m not funny on a regular basis, but once in a while, there are some good ones. Here’s my most RT’d tweet:

  40. Jen

    Love this!!!

  41. Jim

    found this via a friend’s email forward. So damn funny! Thanks for the laugh!

  42. Mocha

    You have exquisite taste. I follow fully 95% of these people. It follows that I have exquisite taste as well.

    I also follow YOU. So, it follows that…DUH.

  43. Elizabeth

    These are amazing! Have you seen Slightly less sophisticated, but many of them remind me of the ones above

  44. Overflowing Brain

    Holy crap. That is potentially the best list I’ve ever seen.

    Even my husband, who is anti-everything on the internet that’s not written by video game companies is laughing. That’s a fucking seal of approval right there.

  45. Buttercupyaya

    All I have to say is:
    Oh my god, I love you even more (possible?) for posting these!!!!

  46. Joanne

    The surge is working! The surge is working! Yeah, I got some new followers today. Thanks for including me on your list, Aimee! *Hugs*

  47. Jenny, the Bloggess

    I love this. And not just because I get to be Patrick Swayze.

    How have I not even heard of some of these people before?

  48. kacawratu

    Hysterical! Thanks for sharing!!

  49. Laurie

    I was only on Liz’s list because I wanted to tweet her and gratuitously brag about my ability to make the perfect grilled cheese.

    And also to laugh about how people do things like give me car seat door prizes and mail me formula vouchers even though, hey, no kids. But if I’m going to be willing to be part of some community that will have me as a member, it’ll be the parent blog people. This way I have nice friends who drink wine with me but also always make sure I have extra napkins and I’m wearing a warm coat. Score.

    All up in myTwitter:

    second Liz w/ @michaelianblack

    @freshalina live-tweets Bravo shows like the Real Housewives and makes me laugh so hard it’s embarrassing.



    And finally, @FakeAPStylebook is so awesome, I want to retweet everything they tweet, so follow them and I’ll feel less annoying. 🙂

  50. iamnotdiddy

    Is this where I thank you for adding me to your list? Oh… well, then, thank you for adding me to your list, Aimee.

  51. lafix

    Honored to be included among so many of my friends on your list.

  52. James

    Great post! Awesome way to end the year!

  53. Lucy

    Thank you so much for that, made me giggle!

  54. navanax

    I love this list. And this website. It’s inspired me to become a mommyblogger too.

  55. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    N- you will be the best mommyblogger EVER.

    And thanks all, glad you enjoyed it. These people, and many many more, are really really great. Watch

  56. Hilly

    Oh my my my, you’ve just made my morning super duper busy with all of this awesomeness! I must now go stalk…erm, I mean ADD a bunch of people!

  57. Carrmah

    Thank you for putting me on your top 50 lisp. My speech therapist is more motivated than ever now.

  58. Maggie, dammit

    That does it. I resolve to be funnier in 2010. Gonna go tell Twitter right now….

    (also: WELL DONE, DUDE)

  59. Marinka

    I love these. Could you please provide links to their Twitter names. I’m super lazy! Thanks!

  60. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Manrinka, the screencap of each tweet is a link to their Twitter page. 🙂

  61. R

    great stuff…there are some hilarious aholes on twitter. me being one of them….more ahole than hilarious twitterer but I’ll take what I can get. richierich3

  62. Sally

    You must check out shitmydadsays.
    Side-splittingly hilarious.

  63. Marinka

    Yes, but that’s a lot of clicking. I get so tired. 😉 thanks!

  64. Tertia

    outstanding! haven’t laughed liked that in ages. Husband asked me if I was having an asthma attack.

  65. LJo4ever

    Thought you’d be FOS but I actually LMAO

  66. tonya

    dude, aimee, I was crying from some of these! so funny! as is my word verification below: gragnoty

  67. Danielle

    This is a great list – I love it!

  68. Lisa

    Thanks soooo much for including me! I really do appreciate it, because I’m really just sharing the random crazy thoughts that go through my head on a daily basis. Plus, I wholeheartedly endorse everyone else on this list – all great people…AND you’re very awesome. Thanks again 🙂

  69. Dave Robison

    OK, I followed about half of these people on your recommendation…one day I’ll be on a list like this; but it’ll probably be for illegal stuff

  70. Anonymous

    @ Twitt_or_Miss says : TY !! Love to laugh 😉

  71. Anonymous

    found this list on Stumble – HILARIOUS!

  72. Rock and Roll Mama

    The image of a purse carrying Chewbacca made me spit popcorn first thing in the am- this is an awesome list. Thank you for including me- I will drink more caffeine and try to raise the funny ante.:)

    Happy New Year!!!

  73. JustLinda

    Oh my god, I cannot stop laughing. I read most of them out loud to my husband. Those were awesome!

  74. Evan

    I just made a public list of all of them


  75. Anonymous

    YOU HAVE TO CHECK OUT SHITMYDADSAYS! Funniest thing ever. I really want that old geezer to be my dad.

  76. Moose

    This post just made my day. All of it. The whole day. I will be reading this again at 5 pm, 7 pm, and 9 pm for good measure.

    Now I need to go and subscribe to a whole bunch of Twitter people.

  77. Laura

    That just made my day, reading all of that – sorry it took down your server, though!

  78. Anonymous

    you also missed hotdogsladies !!! that dude cracks me up!

  79. JennyMoose

    I cannot remember the last time i laughed hard enough to snort with tears running down my face reading a blog. Aimee, you rock!

  80. Azúcar

    Thanks for compiling this list even though I seriously lost it in my office and did the ugly snort-laugh.

  81. dawn

    dear gawd in heaven this makes me proud of the human race.
    still laughing.
    now trying to get the damn coffee stain out of my “blank canvas” that i spit on while laughing.
    thank you aimee.
    and you totally should have been one of these. seriously.

  82. Emily McKhann

    Catching up on your posts, and OMG, I’m just dying, with tears running down my face, these are so GOOD.

  83. Anonymous

    Just found this. HILARIOUS!

    But yeah – you missed @shitmydaysays

  84. Oh, The Joys

    I’m probably not on any twitter lists because I almost never tweet!

  85. Daniela @Symbaloo

    That is hilarious! I read it aloud to my co-workers. Everyone needs a good laugh so I made this webmix to share with everyone. By clicking the link and then clicking “Add This Page” you will be able to see my Top 50 Funny Tweeps, just click on the individual tiles to see what each of these funny people are tweeting. You can share this with people who don’t have twitter and you can also add your personal favorites too! Enjoy! – Caution for those of you at work, Will Result in outbursts of laughter.

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