6 Year Old Podcaster

We got Bryan a Flip Mino for his birthday. Not that he is particularly into video for any reason other than goofing around. Seeing as he’s not into podcasting, or even blogs for that matter, except for fooling around with Twitter, so the video is just a way for him to capture the minutia of his day and then load it on his computer and then… your guess is as good as mine! But he’s having FUN and that is what MATTERS.

Declan and I are not allowed to touch it.

Except for some miracle upon miracle, Bryan let Declan not only hold it today, but record with it as well.

I am thinking we need to start a DECLAN CHANNEL on YouTube.

It’s scintillating stuff.

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  1. Natala

    Love the song 🙂 It’s so fun!

  2. Anonymous

    that is adorable.

  3. Leaca Young

    that is very cool. i have never seen one of them before.

  4. monstergirlee

    I want one! Declan’s video is wonderful, hwo fun.

  5. zenrain

    they’re already asking to watch it again!

  6. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Amy, I love how you answered him!

    Everybody, bring on your wonderful days!

  7. TxGambit

    That was so adorable!!!! You have got to let him do that more often.

    I loved how he said, “What does a wonderful day mean? Anyone? Anyone?”

    I would say a wonderful day is just about everyday because each day you get a new chance to experience new things, learn and explore the world.

  8. Anonymous

    that kid is so cute. -m

  9. Sweety

    Awww, simply adorable! I can imagine your day is wonderful every day with a cutie like that!

  10. Nat

    Hysterical. The Boy likes to tape things on his little point and shoot. Usually traffic going by while he’s in the car.

  11. Giselle

    That was super cute. fun fun fun! 🙂

  12. Amy

    Dear Declan, To me a wonderful day means a lot of rain, a big bubbly bath tub, a really good book and a warm cup of tea (or seven). Liam would say any day spent at Pump It Up (yesterday). Ciaran would say any day spent without Liam (which for him would be today). Chris would say any day at the Rockies game (which for him would be today with Ciaran). If it would only rain we would all be on Cloud 9. Thanks for putting wonderful thoughts in our heads! ~Amy

  13. Kini


  14. Mayberry

    I’m very curious now how a sidewalk looks when it’s having fun.

  15. Sue at eLuckypacket

    Anyone? Anyone? Cracked me up!

  16. Tree

    I love that the trees and the sidewalk are having fun days. And that Declan called his dad by his name. Frakking adorable.

  17. wheremytruthlives

    “…so won’t you be my neighbor.”

  18. megan

    the kid is a riot!!!

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