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When I started my blog in 2005, I picked the name Greeblemonkey because Greeble and Monkey were my son’s two nicknames while I was pregnant. Over the years, it became more my name than his. Especially Greeble, which people around Denver call me on a regular basis. I honestly never even really liked it all that much, it was just a goofy name my husband made up… but I’ve decided to embrace it. Because when I tossed around the idea of changing my name completely, most people hated the idea.

Dex is 11 now and starting to get online. We are trying to take it very slowly, because even though we post publicly a lot – we’ve had over a decade of practice. As much as we aren’t very strict in a lot of areas of parenting, you won’t see our kid on Facebook until he is 13. However, you may see him writing on my blog. He has especially been experimenting with video, which we won’t let him post yet… but we may. Here.

So, as I thought about what I wanted my new name to be, it seemed simple enough to pick a more all-encompassing name. “Haus” means “house” in German and I am first-generation American. Even though I have Irish and English heritage on my dad’s side, I’ve only ever been German. I like the idea of this being more of an umbrella site, with more room for my family, while still being me.

I also started out on the Blogger platform, as most people did back in the dark ages, so Greeblemonkey became a Frankenstein of hobbled together code and non-working parts. I have moved all 2,500 posts over to WordPress for have a fresh start. It is going to take me forever to clean up the backlog, but new posts will have bigger, prettier photos plus – not to mention – actually work on mobile devices.

It’s not quite there on mobile, but close. When you rip apart themes in WordPress like I do, then it’s like a putting a puzzle back together. A puzzle with 50,000 moving parts. But I haven’t really blogged in weeks, so let’s get this party started again – I will keep tweaking.

If you just found the site, welcome. If you have been with me forever, thanks. It’s been wild to reorganize and do spring cleaning. Inconceivable that I have been writing about our lives for almost 10 years. It took me two years to turn on comments, and I still pretty much assume that I am writing to a future me that will look back at my ramblings and laugh. Much like Matthew McConaughey but not.

Future me isn’t my hero, just a different me. The last decade has been about having a baby and raising a son. I started out most definitely as a mom blog. Recently, I am writing much more about music and posting concert photos. My kid’s stories are becoming his stories that aren’t mine to share. We are getting back to travel after me being sick for a year. The last few years have been good, work is good, family is awesome.

So. Let’s see where Greeblehaus takes us, shall we?

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  1. zipper

    Congrats! Looks awesome.

  2. Ms. Jen

    Congratulations on your new web Haus! I love it.

  3. Jane

    Love the colors. Very easy to find everything. You had the old for a long time didn’t you??

    • Aimee

      Yes! Would you believe the other design went up on 2009! Yeeks!

  4. monstergirlee

    Hello at your new and very pretty site. I like the colors especially.

    • Aimee

      You know what is crazy? The background pattern (found in stock art) really reminds me of an apron my Oma used to wear. That is what drew me to it and started my whole design scheme.

  5. Candace

    I love your new home. Very comfy 😉

  6. Paul Merrill

    Many congrats! Love your new haus.

  7. Danielle

    LOVE the new haus! Looks and feels great! Congrats!!

  8. Kriddie

    Congrats on the new site Aimee, it looks amazing – of course! Viva GreebleHaus!

  9. Bridget

    I *really* love the new look! Great job!

    • Aimee

      Thank you Bridget! Such a departure for me, but I needed a change. 😉

  10. Amanda

    Congratulations! As beautiful as I would have expected from you!

  11. Kat

    Looks great! I will redirect my feedly!

  12. Melisa

    It looks fantastic! Love the new digs, and the new name! 🙂

  13. Kristina

    Love the new look and the new name. It might take awhile to retrain my brain, but I look forward to the new journey. Congrats.

  14. sue at nobaddays

    Pow! Love the new look! So when’s the haus-warming party? Signed, long time reader, long time friend in the computer 😉

  15. Vicki

    Yowza! Love, love love it. Incredible.

  16. MargieK

    Welcome to your new home, Aimee! I’m a little older (with 3 “kids” in their 20s, and “Oma” to a 3 year old and a 3-week old), but while I enjoy reading “mommy blogs” mostly for the humor (and the occasional opportunity for been-there-done-that commiseration or feedback), I like when blogs — like people — are well-rounded, which is probably why I keep coming back (that, and I’m in Fort Collins, so I’m usually getting the same weather, having access to most of the same entertainment, many of the same interests, and I just ordered new glasses a lot like yours — can’t wait to show them off!). I have a German-sounding surname, and German-sounding maiden name, and my little sister (PhD in German, former university professor) teaches high school German, and takes school groups abroad.

    <–Raises a virtual stein "To the Greeblehaus" (Ziggy-zaggy, Ziggy-zaggy, Hoy-hoy-hoy!) sets a virtual haus-warming bottle of wine on the counter, and a fragrant virtual houseplant on the patio. Let's get this party started!

  17. UpsideUp Laurie

    Congrats on the move to WP and the gorgeous new site!!! xoxoxo

  18. Lucretia

    Congrats Aimee!! I’ve been working on getting our “house” under one umbrella site for a bit now. You’re amazing job is inspiring! 🙂

    • Aimee

      Awww, let me know if I can help! Thanks for the kind words!

  19. Karen

    LOVE IT!!!! Congrats!

  20. Camels & Chocolate

    OMG, I LOVE this! It’s gorgeous! You’re so talented! (And how the heck is Dex 11?!?)

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