A Kick In The Pants

I went to a diabetes nutritionist yesterday so she could yell at me, basically. It was all good information and things I know on a conceptual level… but it is always easier to make changes with a steely eyes dietician tells you exactly how many molecules of food to put in your face at any given time.

Basically, the main yelling points were:
– Eat less fat
– Eat whole grains
– Eat fruit instead of useless carbs like chips
– Eat yogurt to build some flora back in my gut

Oh, and she repeated the eat less fat and eat whole grains about 10 times so I think she really meant that part.

I have a formal food log I need to turn into her in a month and see how I am doing.

Of course, this evening we went out with an old high school friend so Bryan’s who is in town and had pizza. And artichoke dip.

I think I’ll start that food log tomorrow.

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