A little tip for you all…

Make sure you know where you kid is before you go to pick them up at night.

Or, like Bryan, you could be standing outside a pitch black elementary school that is closed for Veteran’s Day and be pacing around like a panther, seething that your child is missing. After calling your wife frantically and then became doubly pissed that she didn’t answer the phone (because she was working out)… you would calm down, for a minute, and you would remember that your child is actually being babysat at his best friend’s house. Then you would sheepishly call your wife back to tell her to ignore your first voicemail – the one where you screamed your fool head off demanding to know where your child is. Then you would prod you way back through traffic across town to the friend’s house and finally find your kid, safe and sound… and exactly where your wife left him that morning.

So, there’s a the little pearl of wisdom for ya… think of it as a gift from my house to yours!

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