A Lovely Respite

One of the wonderful things about living semi-downtown are all the great shops on the drive home. I had a hankering for a hunka cheese, and not just any cheese. I stopped at The Truffle and was rewarded yet again with friendly service, great recomendations and most importantly – some fabulous tasting cheese. What a nice way to ease into a Wednesday night.

We never know what we’ll get when we stop at the Truffle because their stock is everchanging. Which makes it even more fun. Tonight I got a soft and hard cheese, the names of which I cannot even begin to pronounce, much less spell.

Last New Year’s Eve, we have stopped in and they had “grab bags” for $50 because they were leaving for vacation to Italy the next day. These bags were filled with some of the best cheese I have ever had… and worth probably twice what we paid.

But most importantly, it feels so great to stop at a Mom & Pop operation and give them some well-deserved business. Alls the better that they are genuinely nice people as well.

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