And I only had to ruin a few pottery tools to get this…

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I am pretty excited about this piece. And not just because I detroyed shit to make it. It was hard and my teacher had no idea how to get it done really. We tried some things she has never done before, ha!

I layed the strips of clay inside another bowl, arranged and smoothed them. Then we fired them inside the mold (usually after a clay piece has dried, you take it out of the mold before firing)… that mold was the 1st thing I ruined. The clay from my piece adhered to it. Oops. But it was her idea! We also added the high-fire wire loops for stability while the clay was still wet. It’s the kind of wire that can handle the kiln. Then I glazed it with a few different kinds of glazes and fired it again. That’s where some of the glaze poured out the slits (see the blue that went out one side of the bottom) and ruined some of the kiln cookies (stands) it was sitting on. Oops again.

Oh well. Don’t care. It was worth it.

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  1. Jenny

    I just love your careless disregard for someone else’s tools and kiln. What a jerk you are.

    • Aimee

      Hi Jenny! I was working closely with the owner of the pottery studio on the project, guided by her advice, and paid for the materials I ruined.

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