Art Camp

When Declan’s school offered a special week of “Art Camp,” we jumped at the chance. He spent the week painting, watercoloring, drawing, sculpting… anything you can imagine. Every night he has been a drawing fiend, so I know he really enjoyed it. They took 2 field trips too – one to an art gallery and one to the Denver Botanic Gardens… where they gave them disposable cameras and let the kids loose to snap away.

Last night, he came home with all of his works of art and he told us all about each of them, very excitedly, I might add. We even got a CD at the end with all the photos Declan took. Below are our favorites.

I think we may have to explore a kid’s digital camera for his birthday. That way he can have some revenge on his paparazzi-stalker-mom.

P.S. The lady in the photo with her head cut off his Amanda, one of Declan’s favorite teachers and his occasional babysitter.

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