Bad Day

Well, suffice it to say that today has not been the best day. On the other hand, our Rio will be with us a for at least a little while longer. So I guess in the grand scheme of things, it’s not been that bad of a day.

We took her for a checkup at the vet’s today and he could see the tumor coming back. He said we probably have a matter of days… or maybe a week or two at best. We talked about how putting her down would go, and I wept. He was very sweet and totally comforted us… but in the end, we know it is just her time.

The other wave of things today seem pretty unimportant compared to that… but they include: a door on my car that broke and would not shut, using bunjee cords to hold the door and take it to the shop, said door costing $442 to fix; a snaffoo (?sp) at work where I had to frantically send out 27 emails as quickly as possible before rushing to a doctor’s appt… but, of course, anyone with perspective would have realized that emergency really was not; oh, and I had planned to walk home from the doc’s but after my 45 minute wait, when I got outside, the weather had turned to crazy wind – so I said fuck it, and caught a cab.

It’s enough to drive ya to drink.

P.S. I’ll give a buck to anyone who can tell me what movie that quote was from. Think Irish accent.

P.P.S. I’ll give 2 bucks to anyone who can tell me how to spell snaffoo.

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