Beers of the World

Last night, Jeff and Danielle had a “Beers of the World” party. Everyone brought these wonderful beers from New Zealand, Scotland, Germany, etc.

I brought Coors Light.

I know, I didn’t follow the assignment very well, but technically Golden, Colorado *is* in the world somewhere. And they were out of Rolling Rock Green Light. And I can’t help it if I like watery beer. I did go hog wild towards the end of a the night and had a Fosters. I know, I am a wild woman.

It was a really nice night of adult conversation, which of course consisted of us talking about our kids, the trials and tribulations of giving birth, and parenting philosphies A-Z.

Somehow we also managed to stay out till 1:00 am in the process.

All in all, very thumbs up evening. Especially since Declan and Lily were losing their minds, they were having so much fun with Sarah the babysitter when we left. We left them with a balloon animal making kit and Lily quickly figured out how to make the balloon animals “lick” everyone in the room, including the cat and dog.

On a sidenote, both Jenny and I told the kids that we were going out for an “adult night.” I feel so sorry for parents who hide the fact that they need some time away from their children – either alone as a couple or with friends … I want Declan to know that it is healthy and approriate for us to go out without him sometimes.

Of course, it also helped assuage the guilt when he practically pushed out the door after Sarah arrived. “Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out! We’ve got a balloon animal par-tay goin’ down here, people!”

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