Birthday Party on Etsy

Yes, if you follow me on Twitter, you know yesterday was my birthday. (Numero 39 if you are wondering.) You also know we went to a Russian restaurant and had Polish vodka shots. You also know my friend Lisa is hilarious and tried to freak me out with an anonymous Adam Lambert Lizard King card. AND you also know that Bryan threw me a surprise party at the Tavern downtown on Friday so I could have Fat Tuesday 190 Octane drinkie-poos.

All of which made you conclude I have a drinking problem. Which I promise you I don’t. Which declaring I don’t is a sure sign I do, but I promise I DON’T. I just like cold drinks on a cold rooftop with warm friends.

I also like my husband. He worked REALLY hard to make my birthday special. Thoughtful. Like how he knows I prefer handmade presents, and I kind of do the photo thing too, so, look what else he got me for his birthday (also mentioned in my Twitterstream):

Can you freaking believe that??? YES. Your eyes do NOT deceive you. It’s a bracelet made from a camera lens. Go to Isaac Watson’s store right now and get one for yourself. They are rad. Bryan got me two different kids and I love both of them.

And you know what else? My family is also incredibly awesome, because their presents consist of CASH. Cash that I got to go shopping on Etsy with. Here is what I bought:


This necklace from the Intuitive Garden:


This phone bag from Elisa Lou Designs:


And this ring from The Charm Lady:


Seriously. Awesome, huh?

Etsy is the *best* place for shopping. Well, except for Plain Jane Erika’s extramural blog Try Handmade, which links back to Etsy frequently anyway, so it’s all just a circle of awesome, right?

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  1. Erika Jurney

    Thanks for the linky — and congrats on some great birthday loot. I adore the lens bracelet.

  2. Melissa

    no kidding – what great loot! Happy birthday!

  3. elisa

    Happy Birthday!!!!!

  4. Sizzle

    What a fantastic celebration of your awesomeness! I am so glad you got to pick out beautiful trinkets for yourself. And that bracelet? So cool! So you!

  5. Marianne

    Happy birthday. What great presents!

    The Intuitive Garden is one of my favorite Etsy shops ever. Candace also has a studio in Lowell, MA (where I live) so I’m lucky enough to buy her lovely wares in person.

  6. zipper

    Bryan did good.

  7. Anonymous


  8. Jill - GlossyVeneer

    Great Etsy finds! Cash birthday presents are the best… my mother-in-law tends to pick up random stuff she’s found from Indian reservation stands on the side of the road for my gifts.

  9. Vanessa

    i’ve got to hand it to you, you guys have good taste (in drinks AND accessories 🙂

  10. Sarah Long

    WOW!! That bracelet IS totally rad. Ü

  11. Paul Merrill

    Happy late b’d.

    Very cool presents. Etsy rocks.

  12. kristin

    happy bday lady! and those gifts rock. etsy rules! and that bracelet??? FABULOUS!

  13. Santi B

    Great share! The bracelet made of camera lens is so cool. I might get one myself and share it on my blog as well…hehehe

  14. Cathy

    That was an amazing bracelet, it’s cool.. That’s a perfect gift for a photographer or a camera lover.

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