Bittersweet: He Is Now a 5th Grader

5th Grade. His last year in elementary school.

It will be in about 2 hours when Declan gets home from school, the very last time as a 4th grader.

Somehow it hit both him and me hard this year. He got a little teary last night… OK, maybe a lot… at the idea that elementary school was close to over.

But then he astounds me with his maturity too. This morning I broke the news he didn’t get into summer camp at his home school and would go elsewhere. He was upset, naturally, but as I explained the details he calmed down and then smiled a huge, missing tooth grin.

“I thought you meant I was changing schools for next year.”

Whoah. And he only got a little upset?

My little man is growing up. And is not so little anymore.


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  1. zipper

    Aww congrats Dex!

  2. Anonymous

    he is so cute, happy summer! – m

  3. Anonymous

    It’s so hard to think he’s already going into the fifth grade. Wasn’t he just born yesterday ????? Big hugs and kisses and congratulation on completing the fourth grade..


  4. Vicki J.

    It’s so sad when our babies grow up isn’t it? But, exciting too!

  5. Slow Panic

    my two boys are moving on to 4th and 8th grade. it is freaking me out. it’s bittersweet, with an emphasis on sweet…. happy summer to both of you.

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