Bombay Bicycle Club - Concert Photography

Bombay Bicycle Club

Note: The band provided tickets to the show but all words and photos are mine.

Sometimes I look through my concert calendar and notice that things are magically aligned. Much like when Bombay Music Club played Denver on my birthday this year. I have liked them for a long time, and I love their new album, “So Long, See You Tomorrow.” What a perfect combination to head down to the Gothic to photograph the band *and* ask a bunch of friends to join the celebration.

I chuckled at the news from over the weekend that Bombay Bicycle Club frontman wasn’t very impressed with One Direction’s performance at Radio 1. “I wasn’t expecting to enjoy the music but I was expecting to enjoy their showmanship.” I actually like a couple 1D songs, but would definitely except a stellar show from them, no matter what the music sounded like. I also love how Jack was brave enough to suffer the wrath of all those teens girls. That’s bravery, for real.

When it came to watching Bombay Bicycle Club live, I thoroughly enjoyed the show. It was a great mix of music, lights and engagement with the audience. Several friends who had not heard of the band couldn’t believe how great they were. Yea, I don’t pick losers to share my birthday with.

Bombay_Bicycle_Club_04 Bombay_Bicycle_Club_13

Bombay Bicycle Club


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Photos © Aimee Giese

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  1. Ben D

    crazy good.

  2. zipper

    rad rad rad – love the rainbow one.

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