Bouncing Around

Declan isn’t really athletic. We tried soccer, but there was all this running, and sweating, and working hard.

Then we tried gymnastics, and he loved it for a while, then got bored. Much like his father and me at his age, he can’t seem to find something to *stick* too.

So rather than bleed out our mortgage every month to the owner of the gym, we ended that relationship too.

I felt pretty strongly he should have SOME sort of exercise activity, right? Sitting on the couch and watching Popeye every Saturday morning wasn’t going to give him muss-kells, so we thought of other alternatives.

Tennis? Karate? Hell, YOGA? … SOMETHING?

He finally came back to gymnastics.

The sport where you hurl yourself at bouncy things and they make you more bouncy.

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  1. Megan

    Oh that is so cute!!!

  2. zipper

    That was hilarious.

  3. Tree

    That’s cute. I think J would love this!

  4. MPPs Mom

    Great form! And love the salute (to imaginary judges) at the end!!!!

  5. SEF

    Nice! Now THAT’s what Brian Boitano would do!

  6. SEF

    Oh wait, he’s a figure skater. Nevermind.

  7. Anonymous

    what a cutie! keep bouncing dex! – m

  8. zenrain

    I love it! Can’t wait to see him soon!

  9. aimee e

    Ya, I had a problem with sticking with things too. Still a problem. Not good. Super cute!

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