Caravan Palace - Electro Swing Band - Ogden Theatre - Denver Concert Photos

Caravan Palace at Ogden Theatre

One thing that is pretty cool about having a musically-enlightened teenager is that he, well, enlightens you about bands. A while back, he started playing Caravan Palace around the house and I was hooked, and I was also embarrassed that I had not heard of this amazing electro-swing band from Paris before! When they came to play at the Ogden Theatre in Denver, I was thrilled to be there to capture the fun.

The band began in 2008 and is known for its multi-instrumental, high-energy performances. The latest album Chronologic was released in 2019, their fifth to date. In 2020, Caravan Palace heads back to Europe on tour, including several stops in their native France. I am sure our friends across the pond will enjoy their time with them, but I can’t wait for this crew to head back to America again as soon as they can!

Caravan Palace Photos – Denver

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