Plain White T's Concert at Summit Denver - Concert Photos & Review

Plain White T’s at Summit Denver

Plain White T’s is a band that’s been around for quite a while (formed in 1997, to be exact!), and are known for their catchy tunes + heartfelt lyrics. You’ve probably heard their mega-hit “Hey There Delilah” at least a million times – it’s like the ultimate love ballad, right? These guys have a knack for blending pop, punk, and rock into this perfect musical cocktail that just gets stuck in your head, including last year’s self-titled album, Plain White T’s. Hopefully you caught “Would You Even Listen” from that one; it’s my fave.

When they hit the stage, they bring so much energy, you can’t help but get pumped up! The Summit was fully packed (including a lady with a tiny baby at the barricade, not sure what that was about?!) – but tons of fans were singing and dancing along with every song. While their biggest hits are more on the love song side of things, Plain White T’s concerts are definite rock shows with a solid pop-punk feel.

So, if you ever get the chance to catch these guys live, don’t hesitate – grab those tickets and get ready for a fun night! Their next leg of the tour heads to Brazil, so I can only imagine how raucous those show will be!

Plain White T’s – Denver Concert Photos

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