Cemetery Sun - Denver Concert Photos - Summit Music Hall

Cemetery Sun at Summit Denver

I had heard of the band Cemetery Sun, but never had the pleasure of seeing them live until randomly meeting their manager at another show here in Denver. We’ve struck up a friendship, and in turn, I was able to hang out with the band a bit when they recently played our Summit Music Hall with The Score. One of the things I love most about concert photography is really getting a sense of the people who make the music.

These guys clearly love it. They were having fun every second on stage and there were definite parts of the crowd that was there just for them. Personally, a high energy rock show is something I could do any day of the week – and Cemetery Sun agrees. Watch their Instagram for tour updates but also listen to their latest album, Ascension.

Photos displayed in random order. Click any thumbnail for a larger version. Then use the navigation arrows (or your keyboard arrow keys) to move left and right through the photographs.

Cemetery Sun – Denver Concert Photos

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