And so it goes, that we also had a very nice Christmas Day – even if Declan was a bit overwhelmed with it all. Maybe it’s good that we didn’t get mail for 4 days, thus not receiving packages from my sister and Bryan’s mom because I think otherwise Declan’s head would have exploded.

Our only sad part of the day was missing Bryan’s father, who passed away this September. It was a hard day for Bryan’s mother today too, of course. And as Bryan sat on the phone consoling his mom a bit, trying to keep her spirits up, Declan walked over from playing with his new toys and demanded the phone. He immediately said, “Grandma. Everybody dies.” Now, before you think he was being harsh with her, that’s the title of a book we have been reading and discussing off and on since Pop Pop died. He heard what Daddy was saying and sincerely wanted to help and share what he had been learning. I didn’t think I could love that kid any more, but every day he find ways to make my heart grow.

A big thank you to our families and friends for a wonderful Christmas. We love you all very much.

Below are the “best of” photos from our day. Bryan and I also have tomorrow off too – which will be nice to have a sort of Christmas hangover day.

Merry Christmas to you all!

Santa brought Declan a bike! Now we just all that fricking snow to melt so Declan can actually ride it someplace other than the basement!

This T-Rex walks, talks and growls. We’re working on teaching it to do the dishes.

Bryan splurged and got me a special macro lens for my photography. I cried for the second time of the day when I opened it. Not only from thinking of the credit card bill – but also from being reminded of how Bryan supports my every dream.

Declan was in a snuggly mood after the present extravaganza!

Santa really didn’t feel liking drinking a warm Guinness at 1am. So he devised a way to turn laziness into a drinking and driving PSA, all while not wasting a drop of precious beer.

Isn’t he the cutest little Santa ever??? (I know I am a little biased.)

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