Sisters of Mercy - Concert Photos & Review - Fillmore Denver 2023

Sisters of Mercy at Fillmore Denver

I’m going to be perfectly honest and say I almost trashed my entire set of photos from the Sisters of Mercy concert at Fillmore Denver. I knew it would be a dark show – obviously – but let’s be blunt. If I wanted to watch bands play in the pitch black, I would put their records on in my basement. The only reason I decided to post was the fact they sounded really good, and of course that is a big component of any show.

As any true Gen Xer, I used to dance to Sisters of Mercy at the clubs, so maybe I shouldn’t quibble about actually seeing them. As you can tell by the set list below, I was dancing a lot. Along with the rest of the goth fans in the packed crowd. (Fillmore is a 3,500 person venue and it sold out almost immediately.)

The current SoM lineup of the band includes frontman/founder Andrew Eldritch, guitarists Ben Christo and Dylan Smith, drum machine operator Ravey Davey. People told me Eldritch’s voice isn’t as strong as it used to be (it was my first time seeing them), but the gravely tones seemed just as much par for the course as those damn dark lights.

Since they don’t play very often (and haven’t released an album since 1990), I assume this will be the last time I get to see Sisters of Mercy in concert – and I am just very glad I was able to.

Sister of Mercy – Denver Concert Photos

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Sisters of Mercy Setlist
Fillmore Denver – June 9, 2023

Don’t Drive on Ice
I Will Call You
But Genevieve
Dominion / Mother Russia
Show Me
Instrumental 86
Doctor Jeep / Detonation Boulevard
Eyes of Caligula
Something Fast
On the Beach
When I’m on Fire

Lucretia My Reflection
Temple of Love
This Corrosion

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