Connecting the Samsung Smart TV – Starring ME!

I flew into North Carolina last month to work with the fine folks at Ignite Social Media (not to be confused with Ignite, the speaking events, which apparently happens quite often). They brought in a variety of bloggers of all shapes and sizes to work on a series of how-to videos for the new Samsung Smart TV (in 3D!). Tech, video, lifestyle type folks. People I respected… and in the end, really liked. In between takes, we got to play with all the new technology Samsung is bringing to market, and stuff our faces with yummy food, which was an added treat. It was a fun couple of days.

We were filmed on green screen, in a fabulous, professional production house. With several cameramen, sound people, and all the Ignite people in the room, behind the camera.

Samsung Green Screen

Remember how I used to co-own a multimedia development firm? *I* used to be the one *behind* the camera.

Imagine my nerves.

But with all their gentle prodding, I think it turned out pretty OK.

Although I hear there is a blooper and behind the scenes video in the works, which will undoubtedly show the millions of takes it took to finally get what you see above.

Blogger disclosure: I was hired by Ignite Social Media and Samsung to appear in this video and my travel expenses were covered as well.

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  1. amykblum

    That was AWESOME! You’re such a rock star!! Now I want one!!!

  2. Ri, the Music Savvy Mom

    Okay, how adorable are you?!? Nice job, Mama! 🙂

  3. Sizzle

    Super great job! And I love that shirt you are wearing.

    Hey, remember when you hair was super short? 😉 Looking good, lady.

  4. Megan

    Congrats! That is awesome!

  5. monstergirlee

    You have such a nice voice, I love it. You should totally get into voice over stuff – too many men doing it but your voice is so solid and clear, I’d listen all day.
    Good job.

  6. Mixtape Jones

    Well done! Well done, indeed!

  7. Sara

    Fun! You did such a good job and I really want to see that blooper video 🙂 I’ve never heard of a Smart TV but now I want one. I don’t even have LCD flat screen yet, I’m so behind.

  8. kristy - where's my damn answer

    You did awesome :D. I was expecting the sarcastic-ness to come out a bit here and there … but you were composed and professional.


  9. ZDub

    OK, that video was really informative! I’m being totally serious, the one thing that would scare me away from this TV would be the set-up. It really does look simple.

    Also, I want your glasses. XO.

  10. zenrain

    ok, that last comment was really from me, i was signed into her homepage 😉 but i’m sure she would think so, too!

  11. Shannon

    Hi, this comment is unrelated to your post but you emailed me today to let me know I win one of the Let’s Panic books. (thank you so much by the way!!!) I tried replying to your email to send you my mailing address but my emails keep getting returned for some reason. I’ve double checked the email and I was just replying to the one you sent me so it seems like it should work but it’s not. Could you perhaps email me again with another address or maybe you’re just having an email glitch of some kind? Thanks! (

  12. Emerson

    Wow! that’s awesome!

  13. Laura aka LaLaGirl

    That is so super cool!! You do have the BEST voice, and your hair looked really cute, too. I love it. What a cool thing! I mean, how many of can say we’ve done something like THAT?

  14. painted maypole

    too fun! 🙂

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