The Name Change Is Coming

For a few years at least, I have been considering changing my blog name. Should I just use my real name like every grownup I know? But Aimee Giese has lots of i’s and e’s and no one knows how to pronounce it (Giese rhymes with easy, but the way – with a hard G).

Every time I go to a conference (most recently Alt Summit), I am in a tail spin for weeks about what to do. I end up buying about five URLs that lay fallow after I get talked out of all of them by my husband and close friends.

I have been writing this blog since 2005 and there are nearly 2,500 posts here. My son’s whole childhood is here, not to mention this is the name I have to say every time I introduce myself.

I don’t take this lightly.

But I have it. I picked it. It’s happening. It’s a nice mix of old and new and fits how the site has changed over the years.

I am building it and will show you soon.

Wish me luck.

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  1. Sue at nobaddays

    Go for it — even though I will miss GM 😉

  2. Sizzle

    Awesome! I have toyed with changing my blog name but Sizzle is what people who know me in real life even call me. And then most of the time I’m not blogging very much so I back burner-ed it. Can’t wait to see your change.

  3. Momo Fali

    I can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with!

  4. mint arrow

    so excited for you aimee!

  5. Dianne Christopher

    Can’t wait!!

  6. Aimee Giese

    Thanks friends. It’s not that shocking, I promise!

  7. JoAnn, The Casual Perfectionist

    *gasp* For real!? (this time?) 😉 I can’t wait to see what it is!!

    P.S. It will take me years to forget this one, but I promise to try really hard.

  8. Kim

    I never knew how to pronounce your last name. For those of us who started so many years ago, I think the change in inevitable–and freeing. I look forward to the big reveal.

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  10. monstergirlee

    Well shit.
    Can’t wait to hear it.
    Greebs 😉

  11. Fotoclipping Outsource

    Eagerly waiting for it… 🙂

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