Dana is going to love this one.

So, I was sitting in bed just now, reading a silly romance novel to unwind. I’m like halfway through the thing – and here is the conversation that followed. I feel just about as stupid as the peeeenis/pennnnis incident from 6th grade.

Aimee: Have you ever heard the name Ma-latch-ee in the Bible?

Bryan: No, why?

Aimee: Because this book has 3 main characters that are siblings… Ma-latch-ee, Gideon and Rebecca. The guys says something about his mother having a penchant for biblical names.

Bryan: Hmmm (feigning interest)… Maybe Ma-latch-ee was owner of Ma-latch-ee’s Hoagie’s? You know, where Jesus went to get his subway sandwiches?

Aimee: No, look. I mean, it is the weirdest thing – I have never heard this name before… WAIT. It’s spelled M-a-l-a-c-h-i. Maybe it’s actually Mal-a-ki. Holy shit! It IS Mal-a-ki.

When we stopped rolling around laughing, Bryan reminded me to be sure to tell this story to my oldest friend Dana, seeing as she had a cat named Malachi for like 10 fricking years.

I seriously can be so stupid sometimes. My 1st clue should have been sitting here reading a romance novel in the first place.

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