Dazzle Denver Jazz Club - Women's History Month Lineup

Jazz at Dazzle Denver for Women’s History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month, Dazzle Denver will be featuring a women-centric lineup. Jazz is a uniquely American music style, with its roots in the Black community. Women have always been a part of the jazz tradition, but historically female instrumentalists haven’t had equal visibility. It’s exciting to see more equal representation, and I am proud to spotlight some of the incredible female instrumentalists, vocalists, and bandleaders (14 total!) performing at Dazzle to celebrate Women’s History Month! 

Dazzle Denver Jazz Club
1512 Curtis Street, Denver, CO 80202

Forever is Now: The Kenny & Amy Show 

Thursday, March 2 – 6:30pm 

Forever Is Now is the romantic and unlikely story of a professional musician and a retired trial lawyer who meet when they are both eligible for Social Security and start a songwriting collaboration a few years later. It is a story of love, music, and transformation. 

Monique Brooks Roberts 

Saturday, March 4 – 7pm & 9:30pm

Monique Brooks Roberts is a soul violinist hailing from Louisville, KY. She has played at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, the John F. Kennedy Center and many many more. She has truly mastered her craft when it comes to fusing jazz, soul and R&B with the classical sound of the violin. 

Come for two shows to hear your favorite tunes arranged for violin and band, as well as some of her original music from her album “Free.” 

The Songwriting of Ron Miles feat. Tenia Nelson 

Tuesday, March 7 – 6:30pm 

Supported by Denver Arts & Venues’ Denver Music Advancement Fund, The Center for Critical & Cultural Theory & Dazzle Present, an evening featuring Tenia Nelson as pianist and bandleader, this is the third in a series of shows that digs into the song craft of Denver jazz legend, Ron Miles. 

Part discussion and part performance, Tenia breaks down the compositional structure and parts of ONE Ron Miles tune: melody, harmony, transitions, where improvisation occurs, etc. Then her group will play the tune and discuss their approach, followed by a set of music of the featured artist’s choice, which may or may not include more Ron Miles tunes. 

ReSound Quintet String Quartet + Voice 

Wednesday, March 8 – 6:30pm 

ReSound combines the earthy vibrations of the human voice with wooden bowed instruments to reflect the human experience. Featuring works by Caroline Shaw, Björk, Elvis Costello, Astor Piazzollo, Leos Janacek, and more, ReSound will present a program exploring the phases and stages along the journey of love, the highs and the heartbreak, the predictable and unexpected responses. 

Miguel Espinoza Fusion 

Thursday, March 9 – 6:30pm 

Miguel Espinoza Fusion has been delighting audiences in Denver, the state of Colorado, and more recently, other parts of the US with their original, Flamenco-infused music for half a decade. 

Winners of Westword Magazine’s Best of World Music Award, as well as two-time winners of the Indie Acoustic Project’s awards for Best Instrumental Album (Turtle Dreams) and Best Jazz Album (Veneta), their original compositions are imbued with harmonic adventure, rhythmic complexity, and heart-rending soulfulness that moves audiences emotionally. 

Dave Douglas and Elan Mehler 

Wednesday, March 15 – 7pm

The Dave Douglas and Elan Mehler Sextet mixes seasoned veterans with relative newcomers, setting poetry and specifically haiku into the context of improvising music. 

The group presents unusual melodic relationships with concise expression, matching the form of the Japanese and contemporary poetry found within the lyrics. 

Ritmo Jazz 

Thursday, March 16 – 7pm

Ritmo Jazz Latino is a seven-piece group of gifted musicians specializing in the infectious music and exotic rhythms of Latin jazz. 

From the fiery Salsa/Afro-Cuban rhythms of the Caribbean, to the enchanting rhythms of the Brazilian Bossa Nova sung in Portuguese, Ritmo Jazz Latino simply does it all! 

Nelo & Kerrie Joy Present: Dope $hi! w/ Friends 

Saturday, March 18 – 7pm 

After multiple sold-out shows at Dazzle in 2022, the two artists look to return with an even better performance. 

Playing an array of genres from hip-hop, soul, r&b, poetry, jazz, rock, funk, and GOSPEL, Nelo and Kerrie Joy always deliver something their friends don’t want to miss. 

The Flatirons Jazz Orchestra feat. Deborah Stafford: Ella & Ellington, A Legendary Friendship 

Monday, March 20 – 7pm 

This show explores the lives and music of two of the great legends of jazz. They were close friends for decades, and some say there was more to it than that.Together they created some of the most important music in jazz history. 

The Flatirons Jazz Orchestra – featuring award-winning singer Deborah Stafford, is a traditional 18-piece big band that authentically recreates the great Swing-Era music. 

Cary Morin & Ghost Dog 

Friday, March 24 – 7pm

Colorado musicians Cary Morin & Ghost Dog unite to form a high-energy roots rock band, intent on getting folks up and out of their seats! 

Kids’ Saturday Matinee: Tenia Nelson 

Saturday, March 25 – 2pm 

$5 Tickets 

Held monthly, the Kids’ Saturday Matinee provides children and parents with opportunities to share in the fun of making music by listening to and watching performances, participating in easy group activities such as sing-alongs, and introductions to various musical instruments in participatory demonstrations. 

Funding for this program was supported by Denver Arts & Venues through the Denver Music Advancement Fund 

Same Cloth 

Saturday, March 25 – 6pm & 9pm 

*Artists In Residence since 2021* 

Same Cloth is a charismatic, Denver-based band that uses their individual peculiarities to share meaningful art. Started in 2019 by multi-genre vocal-piano duo, JoFoKe and Solomon Chapman, Same Cloth performs original music and creative cover arrangements. 

As a unit, Same Cloth combines the diverse traditions of Black American Music to create an energetically eclectic and emotionally elevating live music experience. 

Jon Gauer Octet 

Monday, March 27 – 7pm 

Trombonist Jon Gauer will present a set of original music performed by some of the most talented young musicians in Denver. The Octet is Gauer’s first project as a composer/bandleader after more than a decade of experience as a sideman. 


Thursday, March 30 – 7pm

Colorado’s Own Dotsero Band. Always a great live music experience. Maintaining the integrity and standard people have come to expect from their shows. You can expect to hear original music from their 16 CD releases as well some covers of their favorite artists. Dotsero is an unstoppable band of true musicianship. 

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