Did You Know We All Hug To The Left?

I am really lucky that I have loads of affectionate people in my life. We like to hug. We’re huggers.

Especially when one has been in the hospital and continues to have a major illness (yes, the saga continues, but I really am getting better… slowly, day by day).

Still, everyone is hugging me hello, and in sympathy. Love that.

And we all lean in for the hug the left.

My ear infection is in the right ear.

And it hurts.

More importantly for the recipient of my hugs, it’s gross.

So I end up doing this awkward dance with everyone, heads bobbing back and forth as I try to force a right-handed hug. It’s like doing the funky chicken with no funk.

I am not kidding. Try it. You’ll see.


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  1. Sizzle

    You’re right. I do go left. But when I see you later today I will go right!

  2. monstergirlee

    I will keep that in mind as I hug you to the RIGHT tonight! Cannot wait!

  3. Malia @ One2One Network

    Well, guess I learn something new everyday! Hope you heal up very soon!!

  4. kimi

    hope you feel better soon. i am totally going to put this hug thing to the test.

  5. Mixtape Jones

    You can always try warning the recipient. Like, “I’m going to the right. Folow me.”

  6. doniree

    SO TRUE. Why is that?!

  7. Jenny Grace

    It’s true! I did the awkward hug with you this morning!

  8. Laura aka LaLaGirl

    I think I must hug to the right, because I almost always awkwardly headbutt people when I’m hugging them. Watch out, people – I’m dangerous!

  9. Kyria

    You are right! I mean left. I mean… Have you ever been to a place where they kiss you twice on the cheek? Talk about confusing and ALMOST kissing a lot of people!


    I too am going to test the hug to the left theory. I wonder if it is due to the handshake hug thing.

  11. Suzanne

    I never thought about it, but you’re absolutely correct!

    I hope the end of awkward (and painful) hugging is soon.

  12. all.things.fadra

    I hugged you left. And I’m not even generally a hugger. But if it makes you feel better, I didn’t notice one bit of awkwardness. Might have been the two glasses of wine I had in succession…

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