Eardrum Repair Surgery – Here We Go!

I’ll keep this short and sweet as I am posting this late at night and I am pretty petrified. By the time you are reading this, I will be under the knife, getting the big ole hole in my ear repaired.

Well, repaired might not be the right word. Reconstructed is more accurate.

See the drawing to the right? The circle is my ear drum, and the kidney bean shape is the hole in my eardrum.

Yes. It’s that big.

He will be going in from behind, folding my ear forward, grafting some other skin – and basically putting a finger in the well.

But. We’re hopeful this will finally end the #evilear saga for good.

And if not, I will be getting one smokin’ hot bright pink hearing aid.

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  1. Lisa Gutierrez

    Oh my! You’ll definitely be in my thoughts, today. I wish you a speedy recovery!

    FWIW, my cousin had this surgery, last Spring. She was showing off her scar a few weeks later. It looked pretty badass.

  2. FireMom

    Wishing you well!

    (Though I didn’t need to read this four days after our youngest son had an ear drum burst and the doc said that 99% heal properly without surgery and I thought, “Dude, my family is ALWAYS the exception to the rule, but okay! EEP!)

  3. Karl

    Here’s to hoping everything goes off without a hitch, and you heal quickly.

  4. Sizzle

    Thinking of you!

  5. monstergirlee

    Hi Honey, hope things heal up just right. Hugs!

  6. keli [at] kidnapped by suburbia

    oh goodness … thinking of you today, aimee!! xo

  7. kali

    i hope everything went well!!!!!

  8. Groupdmt

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  9. alejna

    I hope it went well and wish you speedy healing!

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  11. Anonymous

    I’m a specialist for kids with hearing loss in the schools. One will be getting this surgery in the next month. How did your’s go for you. Can you hear better now? How much pain was there?

  12. Aimee Giese

    Gene – hope all goes well with you – I did improve quite a bit… but still ended up getting a hearing aid.

  13. gene

    I hope all went good for you … I went to the doctor yesterday and he told me to that I have a hole in my eardrum and that if within 3 weeks if it don’t heal on its own I will be going under the knife myself !!!! Just wondering are you having any side affects or can you hear better ?? Wishing you lots of health and happiness !!

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