Easter Morn’

The Easter Bunny left Declan these cool toys that toss disc up in the air, and even though I am usually strict about such things, I let him play with them a bit in the house since it’s SNOWING here this morning (second time in his short life that we have had a snow Easter, as a matter of fact).

And even though this photo looks like a Bershon In Training, he has been climbing the walls in excitement.

Then we head over to Jeff and Danielle in a bit for Easter Brunch and Portrait Extravaganza, which basically means I have been trying to find time to take pretty photos of them, but things have been so hectic we had to combine it with a national holiday.


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  1. Anonymous

    Cute! Happy Easter!

  2. lauren

    he does look underwhelmed! but the toy looks fun!

  3. Sue

    LOL – Bershon in training! And the animated gif is wonderful, BTW. Loved it. Would like to try that but doubt I can do it on a hosted site.

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