Favorite SuperBowl Ads 2013

Wow. What a weird game. Those Ravens gave this former Maryland girl a heart attack.

But more importantly, most of the commercials did too – with their lameness. I know I will get flamed, but by far my least favorite was the overly preachy, long-winded Paul Harvey Ram ad. Blech.

But my favorites? I have four of them and they were pretty awesome.

Oreo “Whisper Fight”

Audi “Bravery Wins”

Kia Sorento “Space Babies”

Tide “Miracle Stain”

Go Ravens, indeed!

Which commercials were your favorites?

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  1. Everyfann

    I agree! I didn;t like the Paul Harvey one.

  2. Kath

    Favorites : Paul Harvey & Budweiser Clydesdale pony

  3. Zipper

    Great choices Aimee! Fun game.

  4. Kim

    My favorites were the Wounded Warrior PSA with the text to donate and the Budweiser Clydesdales. I also did love the whispering in the library Oreos.

  5. Audrey

    The GoDaddy commercial was even worse, but they always are.

  6. amykblum

    I didn’t see many of them due to poor lack of football watching skills and too many children, but I did see the Volkswagon Jamaican accent one that I really liked.

  7. Jamie

    Paul Harvey was absolutely the worst. =\

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