For Valentine’s Week, Spread Some Blogger Love

Kristin Heart
*image snagged (with permission) from the incredibly awesome Kristin Mainemomma

How about we show our friends in the blogging world some love?

I know it’s hard, and we’re all so busy, but why not jump out of your blog reader this week and let your friends know you are reading them? It seems like we’ve all (me included) settled into a blog friendship where we see each other on Twitter, or even in real life, where we *know* we’re friends and we’re complacent. And yes, we *do* read each others’ blogs, but we never find the time to comment.

I think this is important.

Not on every post.

Not even every week.

But once in a while, if someone is important enough to you to be in your reader, don’t you think they deserve to know you are reading them?

I think so.

And I would like to take a second to thank these friends who take time to comment regularly here on Greeblemonkey. In NO particular order. And I know I will miss people. PLEASE forgive me for missing people.

Chloebear, MPPsmom, Teresa, Anne, zenrain, zipper, Tarable, Amy Living Locurto, Melissa, Carrie, Meghann, Megan, Julie Momslant, Gretchen, JellyJules, JoAnn Casual Perfectionist, zeghsy, Mrs. Maxwell, MomoFali, Jennifer, Megan, Nat, Poop & Boogies, Dawn, Amy Fruitlady, Sizzle Says, Jenny Bloggess, Isabel Alphamom, Tiddleywink, Kim Hosey, Monstergirlee, Rachael, Outside Voice, Denise EatPlayLove, Mayberry Mom, Mary Lynn, Laurie Writes, and oh lord I know I am forgetting people, thank you so much for sharing your day!

So now your job is to get out there and spread the love. Even if it is that *one* blog that you always read, and love, but never have anything to say. I think saying *hi* is perfectly OK.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Suzanne

    Great idea!

    Okay.. I’m here! I *heart* You!

    Happy V-day!

  2. Megan

    I like it… spread the love!

  3. Madame Meow

    I seldom comment but I often read (and look forward to your photography contest every month!).


  4. MPPs Mom

    Great idea 🙂
    Here is a visual of me spreading some love < there, you see it? >

    Have a great V day!!

  5. Tekee

    Fantastic suggestion! For the longest time, I was my only subscriber on my blog. It wasn’t until I started connecting via twitter, that comments on several of my blogs started trickling in. Just the affirmation that someone wanted to read your post is enough to make you write another one, and another one, and another one.
    Happy Valentines Day Aimee!

  6. Bethany

    Oh, hi there! We’re such good kids. We read you, we do what you tell us. Worldtakeover! or,just spreading the love…. 😉 Keep up the inspiring photo contest, and fun posts.

  7. dozenroses13

    Well said, it’s like a nicer version of “Delurker Day” I wish more people commented on my page as well, but I understand people who don’t comment unless they feel they have something to say. That’s why I usually ask a question in my blogs. To prompt people to comment. Frustrating that the majority lurks.

    Happy Valentine’s Day (though mine is sad)

  8. Miranda

    Well said lady. I’ve been making an effort to comment more on the blogs I read this year and I think it has made such a difference. Love your blog by the way, duh.


    Happy Valentines day to you too to. Thanks for the nod and the great idea of spreading the blog love.

  10. Anne

    Happy Valentines day!

    Smooches!! 🙂

  11. zenrain

    Yep, spread the love! I heart you, Aimee!!

  12. mayberry

    Aww, thanks for including me even though I am quite a slacker sometimes!

  13. Kelly

    this is a good thing to spread. ♥

  14. kristin

    YAY for love.

    i wish there was a valentine day every month!


  15. angela

    Have a wonderful Valentines Day!!

  16. gonzomama

    great reminder!

    hi you!

    and happy valentine’s day : )

  17. zipper

    Thanks for the mention. I don’t read too many blogs, so it is easier to comment – but I do try.

  18. Nat

    Aren’t you sweet. Thanks for the shout out. I’ve been a bit remiss about commenting of late. 🙂

    Bloggy love back at you.

  19. Rachel Carlson

    wanted to say *hi*. happy ♥ day too.

  20. Shari


    I am fairly new here!
    But, I am digging the heck outta your blog!

  21. Sizzle

    Hello friend! I’m here even when I don’t comment daily. xoxo

  22. Laurie

    Thanks, my friend. I ended up doing a much more mememe post for V-Day (Hilly’s Self-Love Day – feel free to stop by and say something nice there too if you feel like it, haha) but I kind of needed the shot in the arm, as it were. 😉


  23. Heather

    awesome-I have several posts in my head about this and this week I am going to spread the love!

  24. monstergirlee

    I totally blame google reader for me not leaving as many comments as I used to. Thats one reason I resisted using it for so long.
    Thanks for the mention, thats what friends are for!

  25. Anonymous

    I love you! Keep writing!

  26. Patois

    I think that’s a great idea!

  27. Kim Hosey

    Ditto what they all said. I love your blog, as you well know. It’s one of my happiest blog finds in recent memory. And you’re right; it’s amazing what happens when you get out there and connect and spread the love.

    Happy belated Valentine’s!

  28. andie

    Great post, and um…Hi!

  29. Susan Main

    Hi. Here I am – in Vancouver BC Canada – reading and enjoying your blog. Happy Valentines Day! xo

  30. Bridget

    I’m here. I read.
    I *should* comment.
    Love your blog!

  31. Melissa

    Oh my goodness. I am all blushing and stuff. Thanks for the mention and lots of bloggin lovin back at ya! And a Happy late Vday! I am going to look up each of these blogs tonight and check them out.

  32. Momo Fali

    Thank you for the thank you! Mwah!

  33. meg

    I’m still here! I stopped commenting on blogs when I stopped blogging because of the guilt. And the lazy. And the I suck. Say hi to the boys!

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