Declan will turn 8 next month. He just started 3rd grade, and I feel like all the sands of his childhood are quickly slipping. right. through. my. fingertips.

I know I’ve spend a lot of energy on this blog to memorialize the things we do together, to remember EVERYTHING… but the truth is – I won’t.

I do remember six was a rough year. Declan was immature, pushy, whiny – basically a little punk.

Seven has been better. He’s still been pushy… hello? Apple, tree. But something has changed in the past 12 months. Conversations are smoother. Feelings run deeper.

I know everyone says that when a baby comes into your life, there is this intense, immediate bond. That didn’t happen for me. I have always loved my son – but liking him? That took a while. He was maybe 18 months old before we REALLY connected – and the cool thing is, it’s been getting better and better all the time.

Who knows what the future will hold. But this year?

We became friends.

And not in the “I’ll buy you beer when you are old enough because I want to feel young” kind of friends. But, the “wow, I enjoy hanging out with you” friends. Seriously. Wow.

I may not remember everything. But THAT? I will remember.


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  1. Jules

    I don’t have kids of my own, but I can definitely say that yours is one of the few I enjoy hanging out with. He has a great personality. Witty and smart. Still a kid, but can hold an “adult” conversation. I like that about the little guy. Good parenting.

  2. zipper

    Love that photo!

  3. Stacy (sissy)

    i love this! what a great kid…..what great parents!

  4. Dawn

    I feel very lucky. I have 2 teens (my daughter is 16 and my son is 14) and not only do we all love each other, but we like each other too 🙂

  5. Aaron Bailey

    As someone who doesn’t have kids and probably won’t, I’m inspired by reading about your relationship and how you have raised him. Thanks for sharing it all.

  6. Kim Hosey

    Holy cow at those eyes. Soulful.

    I know what you mean about becoming friends. Unfortunately (at least, it feels like it at the moment) I think we did it in the other order. We became friends. Then he turned into a punk. We’re working on that.

  7. Anonymous

    Lovely lovely post. And photo. – m

  8. Tarable

    You’re killing this hormonal pregnant lady. So sweet. I love you guys!

  9. Sizzle

    I admire your honesty about your relationship with your son. It helps me to hear about it because I hope to someday be a mom too.

    It’s really cool that you are in that stage with him. Enjoy!

  10. Tree

    Excellent, Aimee. So true. I do enjoy hanging out with my nearly 9 yo son. It is instructive to see the world from his perspective.

  11. Carol

    My Declan turns 8 next month also. Although we aren’t at the whole “I enjoy spending time with you” stage. Hopefully soon!

  12. monstergirlee

    Thats so cool. I do enjoy doing things and hanging out with my almost 8 yr old. But he’s still so whiney and fussy at times that those moments seem few and far between. And other times he just never seems to stop talking. ugh.
    However, I have HOPE! And that pic of Dex is beautiful, his eyes! Just beautiful.

  13. suz (or sooze)

    My kiddo is 8 too ;)! And I love hanging out with him… so I suppose I am waiting for the day when he turns into a little punk. Although he does have his moments, that’s for sure.. .but we all do I suppose.

  14. J at

    I love the honesty of admitting that while you loved him from day 1, LIKING him took longer. I know one mom who almost hated her son for the first year. Really resented him. (He had horrid colic, cried whenever he was awake, only slept in the afternoons, not at all at night, and made her life generally hellish…when that went away, they got to know each other, and are now very close.)

    Your son seems to be a really good kid, and one that will grow into a sensitive person. That’s definitely a good thing.

  15. gonzomama

    i don’t know if i’ve said this before, but that boy of yours is a beauty. hope he has a fantastic birthday!

    we just started the throes of 4. i’m not sure what to think of it yet. so far it’s been a bit rough.

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